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  1. In Europe 1505 euros Vat inc. Ciao Giacomo
  2. From what I heard from Leica, maintenance for the M9 is guaranteed until 2030 ... Take photos without worries!
  3. In these days after more than a year in the "land of the sun" still someone, building disinformation among fans, continues to say that there would be cases of corrosion even with the new sensors, and that Leica would no longer replace the same even under payment. I think people should live it peacefully thinking that: 1) In Asia where M9 and M8 are widespread there is no one who has EVER encountered any problems 2) At least in Italy M9, M9P and ME type 220 have become increasingly rare to find on sale on the second-hand market, who owns it holds it tight because it recognizes its und
  4. Hello, but the MM1 Silver was born with new or old Sensor? One friend told me that all are new sensor from fabric. Regards Giacomo
  5. Thank you Jaapv for the clarification! Ciao Giacomo
  6. in Italy someone insinuates on the forums of the brand that nothing has been solved because the sensor has not been redesigned and the problems will soon come out, but there is certainly no proof that this bizarre theory proves. Ciao Giacomo
  7. I agree, among other things I had read that in addition to the sensor was also updated something on the motherboard if I'm not mistaken. It was thought that in addition to the sensor glass, a cause was the overheating of the sensor itself. Ciao Giacomo
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask a question, for curiosity, no one had corrosion problems on M9 sensors replaced after 2017 ?? I ask this because in Italy someone without proof states that the modified sensors will have the same problems as the originals. Truth or Madness as I think? Ciao Giacomo
  9. The sensor have signs of corrosion...tomorrow the M-E will go to Wetzlar for sensor replacement...
  10. My New M-E, i buy it new Today with 2 years of warranty have: CCD ID: 12 CCD Board ID: 2 Control Brd ID: 2 M16C ID: 0 Fw 1.216 Probably the sensor is old...
  11. I have always loved the new Summarit Line f2,5 and f2,4, but they are never able to know who is the Designer....nobody knows?? Maybe Karbe? Ciao Giacomo
  12. A good Digilux 2 is on sale on Web at 250/300 euro, cost less of a new Type 109 with 15 percent of (850 euro) Ciao Giacomo
  13. My Digilux 2 is an old and obsolete Camera, but the photos that i take with her are Fantastic!! This Portrait was taken at 400 iso.... Ciao Giacomo
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