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  1. Great Lambda, Love it, dosen't look good for the girl though .
  2. Hi Brent, It's public transport, buses, trains especially late afternoon, are perfect for it .Give it a go, people are less receptive, to you and your camera .
  3. Thanks Marek for your positive comment
  4. Timmyjoe, Stuart, Henry, War Full of admiration for you guys, the history and the memories you have created within this post, is so fascinating.
  5. Thank you Wonzo, encouragement that we all need . Let's be brave, in fact let's start a movement, MEN CAN MULTI TASK ? Who's going first ?
  6. Digilux 2 He's certainly good at this .
  7. Well done Colonel they are all good, excellent colours
  8. Very colourful Louis, excellent
  9. Great capture, I must be missing something here, Werner ?
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