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  1. Thanks! What I like about the pictured one is how think it is. Many of the paracord straps are thin and I find that they hurt my shoulder. The above is maybe 3/4" to an 1" thick
  2. I purchased these a number of years ago and they are my favorite straps. I can't seem to find them anymore. Does anyone know what company made these straps and where I can purchase them from? If they don't exist, is there anything similar?
  3. Do any of these converters work with Continuous Focus? I saw the Fotodiox didn't yet, but alluded to firmware updates later that might add this feature?
  4. An update I also tried the Sigma 24-70 Art Nikon mount. This is also suppose to have the E couplings. Same issue as the 70-200. Nothing works. In this case I couldn't even get an Aperture reading at all.
  5. I am enclosing my results with the lenses I have tested with the Novoflex AF Adapter for Nikon Nikon 70-300E Terrible. Misses focus on a regular basis Nikon 500Pf E Quite good and worthwhile to take in the field. All focus modes seem to work well. Worth trying against the 90-280 to see if it is as good as or better Sigma 70-200 Sport This lens is suppose to have the Nikon E couplings. It doesn't work at all. The aperture is incorrect (it seems to want to be at 1.2 all the time) and the AF doesn't work on any mode. I kinda got some AF on spot mode, but it was hit or miss.
  6. Mine shipped from Adorama and it will arrive tomorrow.
  7. Yes I know painfully that this adapter wasn't worth the money on the SL, however has anyone tried it with the SL2 and does it work any better?
  8. I can confirm that it works this way as well. I was using my Q2, but from my understanding it should be the same. However, with it connected to the app you are not able to have access to the menus. I did some googling and didn't see much information on the Fotos app that says otherwise. If this is the GPS functionality it is very limited.
  9. Why not just use the USB charger from Nitecore. That's about the same price as this inverter.
  10. The 40 f/1.4 looks like a great lens. Now I need to decide whether I will get it in the Nikon or L mount. Since I currently still use both systems(at least for now) I am confused.
  11. I have this charger as well and really like it. I can charge from a computer or a rechargeable battery that I carry with me while I travel. Either works well.
  12. I wonder if the OIS will work on the CL? If so that would make for a nice kit on the CL for travel. 11-23 and the 24-105. That about covers it.
  13. Thanks. That's what I thought, but hoped I was missing something. I guess that's and advanced feature.
  14. I did some quick Google searches and looked through he menu system on the CL and didn't see a way to change my Copyright info for it being 2019. Am I just missing something or is it not an available menu option?
  15. Yeah, that's what I though you would say. I think Panasonic and Sigma will be OK. Leica seems to rely upon a lot of third-party people and flash always seems to lag behind.
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