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  1. Back to the Future. My guess is that the current leather lens case is on the way out and the lens container will come with new lenses just like the old days. It will probably begin when the supplies of leather lens cases are depleted. Just my guess.
  2. It is much easier for me to carry 3 to 4 batteries than it was to carry 10-12 36 exposure rolls of film when I used film.
  3. Leica Makes their cameras to work with Leica Lenses. From a business standpoint, they have no incentive or obligation to provide lens profiles for non Leica / Leitz lenses.
  4. I love the image quality of the Asph Ver I. It I want to go back in time, I can pull out my 38 year old 40 Summicron C.
  5. It is normal for the finish of black chrome cameras to wear above the eyelets and around the edges. This goes back to all the Black Chrome cameras from the 70's up to the present day.
  6. I still like my 35 Summicron Asph I. For me, it has all the character I need.
  7. I have 20/20 vision but I need reading glasses for anything close. Close focusing is where I struggle with the rangefinder so I use the Visoflex. A Diopter would be an option, but I would have to screw it on and screw it off and it would be easy to lose. Ahh, the compromises we make as we age!!!
  8. As much as I love the Leica Ms in their past and present state, I would probably go for an EVF M.
  9. So many anxious buyers, and that is good. Just remember, your current M is no slouch when it comes to your photography! Use it until you M11 arrives and please do not say to yourself, “I can no longer take good photographs with an out of date M!”
  10. I am 68, my wife and I are both retired and are in decent shape financially as long as we are careful. The markets seem to be in free fall at the moment, Covid is still rampant and that is most concerning. We want to travel and that is not inexpensive. The M11 seems to be a wonderful new camera but at this point, it makes no sense FOR ME at this time from a financial standpoint. Additionally, and according to the terrific and varied members of this forum, there seem to be some teething issues with the M11. This is no surprise as it is a new camera with new electronics and new firmware. There is no doubt the engineers at Leica will correct all issues in time. At some point, I may move on an M11, but the time is not right for me at this point. One last point, please be kind and respect everyone’s opinions and points of view. Mostly, enjoy life and do what you love.
  11. I have the SL2-S and FOR ME, it is fine for landscape photography. I cannot speak for others as everyone has their specific needs.
  12. The M11 looks intriguing from what little I have been able to see so I am looking forward to the release.
  13. Never mind. Just reset the camera. I mean Image capturing computer!
  14. Anyone know what causes this. I have just updated to the new firmware.
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