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  1. Never mind. Just reset the camera. I mean Image capturing computer!
  2. Anyone know what causes this. I have just updated to the new firmware.
  3. Hey you, the Lab on the couch, wanna come play? You look bored, just as I am when Hooman Dad pulls out his Leica!
  4. As a counterpoint to the above reply, the Leica protector has worked well on my cameras with no issues. Maybe it is the luck of the draw.
  5. Yes and Leica replaced the sensor. I purchased the camera in 2017.
  6. I cannot say whether I will upgrade to the next M when it comes out. I have been very happy with the M10 which I have had since 2017. I did upgrade it to the “partial” (no shutter upgrade) M10-P when I sent it in for a sensor issue last year.
  7. The first time I listened to “Music To Eat”, I thought, “What the hell?” It has grown on me, but then I am a fan of the late Col. Bruce Hampton.
  8. Rub a TINY bit of Vaseline on the M-L adapter and that should take care of the problem.
  9. Thank you so very much and apologies for the blurry iPhone photo! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  10. In my earlier post, I said “Obviously, the build quality is much better.” I should have said, “From the reviews I have read, the build quality seems to be better.” I THINK if Leica had designed and built this lens from the ground up, it MIGHT have been far more expensive, maybe as EXPENSIVE or more that the 24-90. Would the image quality have been better than the Sigma designed optical formula? Maybe. I have been very lucky to have been able to afford Leitz/Leica cameras and lenses over the past 50 years, but there are many out there who can only wish they could and many of those peop
  11. My gut feeling is that Leica has improved this lens a small amount optically over the Sigma. Obviously, the build quality is much better and being made in Japan is no issue. I have the 24-90 but if I were to purchase now, the choice would be difficult. It is a Leica Lens, not a Sigma Lens.
  12. You are most likely correct. My post was aimed at those who already own the 11-23 and 55-135.
  13. I believe this lens will also appeal to CL owners as a viable option to the excellent 18-56. As a matter of fact, this lens along with the 11-23 and the 55-135 and a CL will make a great travel kit.
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