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  1. You have very good eye for the repetitive elements, not only in this photo. Everything balanced, stable. Congratulations!
  2. Murphy's law: "In case you cannot figure out how it works, red the manual":)
  3. Enterier of a caffe in the Jewish quartier Kazimierz of Krakow, Poland. Caffe is made of three prewar small shops. ISO 200, 1:2, speed 1/8 handheld. My contribution to the best thread ever. Best regards, Dejan
  4. WATE is a stunning lens, and Frankenfinder is so useful. I keep them always in my small bag with MATE and some of my 90s.
  5. Many thanks for this procedure. It gave me the result (sensor replaced 2009): Serial number: 2987452 VER 1.09:001C No S01 04 01 15 0224 PWRCNT 1,328 SHTCNT 4,350 STBCNT 456 Reported version (1.09) is different from what I saw in your case, guys. Also, it is obvious from the shuter counter that I left my D2 on the shelf for a while after M8 entered my life. Anyway, it is a GREAT camera, even seven years after it was launched. Best, D.
  6. Does anyone know anything more specific than published on the site DPREVIEW: Leica reported to be planning mirrorless interchangeable lens camera Leica's CEO is reported to have confirmed the company will introduce a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system. The British Journal of Photography (BJP) quotes Alfred Schopf as saying: "It's more than an idea. You will see something at the next Photokina [trade show]." He also told them that it will use an: "APS-C sized sensor at least." The move would see the German company (which already makes the fixed-lens APS-C-sensor X1 model, pictured
  7. I spotted an add on a local photo site (Europe) for used equipment offering M9, replied and got the answer: This is to inform you that the Leica M9 digital camera is a brand new Original Camer in a sealed Box with full accessories and 24 months International warranty, The Leica M9 carries Insurances and 21days return policy. Leica M9 .......................$3550 Shipping cost ...................$150 Total cost $3700 how many units do you want to buy? We ship through DHL Courier Service for immediate delivery, The estimated time of delivery is 2
  8. If I'm not wrong, there were two questions: ALLAROUND lens and the pick of ONE (favourite) lens, which is not the same question. Therefore, two answers: Allaround? For sure MATE! One (favourite) lens? Lux 35mm ASPH!
  9. Not really a direct answer to your question, but here are two photos (aperture 2 and 4) taken with the 50 years old Russian Jupiter 9 (85mm/2.0, known as their copy of Sonnar), just for illustration of a smooth and soft bokeh and overall softness. Comparing to this, my Summicron 90 ASPH is cruelly sharp.
  10. Even if D2 has not been extensively popular from its beginning despite the "special and distinctive look" of the photos it produces, does it mean that Leica would not make a big mistake by launching a successor to it? Maybe with a sensor from X1 or even from M8, with a lens "not of this world" as in the original camera, with improved ISO range and with improved noise at higher ISO values going up to 1600? I would not mind its size once again. What do you, folks, think - is Leica thinking of something like that? Would D2n jeopardize X1? Leica, what do you say? Is this just a dream?
  11. Solution 1: Tri Elmar 28-35-50/4. A nice trip solution. Solution 2: 35mm/1.4 ASPH. All-mighty lens.
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