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  1. Very well ! Your turn, Lars The place is a weird set of huge underground galleries dug in the mountain, that were famous because Jean Cocteau made a black and white movies in the fifties called "le Testament d'Orphée" (Orpheus' Will). It is now used as an exhibition place with projectors using the walls of this quarry as screens. The place deserves being visited. Here are pictures of the outside, with some people to show how huge the place is. Congratulations Gérard
  2. Not Vienna and not Schönbrünn... As a clue, it was an exhibition on Klimt and Vienna, but in France... Gérard Stuart, a PM is following soon
  3. Thank you, Otto. This game must carry on... Where has this picture been taken ? Cheers Gérard
  4. Well, this picture was not a riddle. I just wanted to show Michael another building in venetian style. This particular building is not in Italy, but in Alexandria, Egypt. It was built by a wealthy Englishman in the cotton industry, for whom my father used to work, and the whole building was this man's office. But where are we now, to resume the game ? Gérard
  5. I had done both tours. Even if you know about this monument, being inside the Palazzo Dogale is something unforgettable... How about this building ? Gérard
  6. Looks very much like the inner court of Palazzo Dogale, Venezia ! Gérard
  7. Yes Michael, it is Rocamadour. In the middle of the picture, you can see a church, actually a cathedral, built against the cliff. In this cathedral, there is a "black" Virgin (une Vierge Noire) who inspired composer Francis Poulenc to write "Les Litanies à la Notre-Dame de Rocamadour", beautiful a cappella pieces. A few years ago, when I shot this picture, I had the honor and the joy of giving a piano recital in this cathedral to raise money and help the restoration of the organ. Together with Bach and Schubert's last sonata, I performed a beautiful transcription of Schubert's Ave Maria by Fra
  8. Thank you Otto, I'm sorry to react so late, I wasn't really sure of my guess. So where are we now ? Cheers Gérard
  9. It seems to be part of the roman (or greek) theater in Lecce. I had seen a picture of it. But I haven't seen that in Sicily, and don't remember any building of this type in Cairo Gérard
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