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  1. Intricate metalwork. M3, FP4+, LM-converted Contax G21 Biogon
  2. Inside my glider cockpit (Leica-developed phone camera and lens).
  3. M8, VM35 f/1.4 Nokton Classic MC. Valletta, Malta
  4. 'Two men and a dog' M9, Summicron 35 8-elements (goggled). Lens no longer owned sadly.
  5. M9, Canon 50 f/1.4 LTM 'Ghost gum grove', Canberra, Australia
  6. 'Stone and Wood' (John Gorton Commonwealth Government building, Canberra, Australia. VM35 f/1.2 Nokton 1, M9 ) Stone and Wood - 2 by David M (no awards pls), on Flickr
  7. M8.2, LM-converted Contax G21 f/2.8 After the storm near Cootamundra by David M (no awards pls), on Flickr
  8. M8, CV35 f/1.4 Nokton Classic MC at f8 and probably MFD Shot in 14-bit RAW mode and converted using RAW2DNG and then the DNG processed just now in C1 Pro v12.2 Garden bench DoF study by David M (no awards pls), on Flickr
  9. I'm selling a black M8.2 at present (not advertised as yet). Please message me if interested. I am in Australia. Thanks, David
  10. I attempted to post this 12hrs ago but the interface got the better of me. Glass: Rangefinders by David M (no awards pls), on Flickr
  11. A conversation group in the former Portuguese colony of Macau. Friends in conversation by David M (no awards pls), on Flickr
  12. Glass ( the black M8.2 body is also for sale ) https://flic.kr/p/2g9CHso
  13. M8, Summicron 50 Type 4, aperture about f4 High Court musos, Canberra by David M (no awards pls), on Flickr
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