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  1. one more, 70mm stitched from Alaska
  2. Leica S006 with 120 S stitched From Seward, Alaska
  3. GFX100S Leica 100mm APO R
  4. S006 with 70mm S stitched I now enjoy normal look without wide angle drama more. For image like this, fighting with DOF, optimize IQ (diffraction) and handhold speed is always a challenge in field. It has to be integrated with focus point used and composition. and without focus stack used, a series of trades off need to be made based on experience. GFX could have given me better IQ with IBIS but I am sure I wont feel the same at the moment of viewing and pushing the shutter which is big part of enjoyment I have during hiking.
  5. Here is one with 35lux PreASPH stop down and stitched with m10p You can't really differentiate the results with modern glass under this condition though I love the muted color if I keep it as color image.
  6. Always love this lens M10P 35lux WO
  7. S006 with 120APO Stitched Lower right inside the cloud is famous DENALI
  8. S006 with 70mm Summarit
  9. S006 with 70mm Stitched
  10. I do, actually I still have two S006. I enjoy shooting GFX by adapting all kinds of lens on it to get different look. S glasses is just one of them. I have Contax 645,(with smart adapter) Hasselblad V (with speed booster), ZE (smart adapter, OTUS, classic), Nikon G/F glasses. This is a heaven system for me. As mentioned before in S forum, using lens like 180 is a lot fun with IBIS, not only get sharper image, wider shooting envelop but also stabilize the viewfinder to make a better shooting experience for long glass. GFX also help me on manual focus. I can do most manual focus on S with
  11. GFX100S with Leica 180S and Fotodiox adapter I figured if we can post S body with No OEM lens images, maybe this is allowed.
  12. I agree with you and realize the black level problem after post. Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate. one more with 70mm S and S006 from Alaska trip
  13. 120S with S006 handhold stitched images
  14. 70mm Summarit S and S006
  15. Those info are very useful and interesting to read. However, If you value those highly, you may not be a Leica user at first place:) I don’t take side but I would say the only way to find out is try both to find your own answer. No scientific test can answer your own calling for best tool. No one can answer what is far better or worse for your need.
  16. Thank you. The one I posted have zero crop, not even minor tilt. I did the crop and redo the edit a little bit. In additional to crop, I mainly darken the OOF area to make them less distract, maybe a little over done because it is a fast edit. I think the new version has a tighter and more straightforward composition than before.
  17. one important spec S missing is electronic first curtain shutter or even better pure electronic shutter. This is a quite essential feature for landscape or product shot require best detail of high pixel density sensor. I hope future Leica S can implement them. Mirror lock up only solve mirror vibration but not shutter's. I had problem with even SL2 whenever I use fully mechanical shutter at certain shutter speed.
  18. S006 with 70mm from Alaska
  19. S006 with 180S The Chair
  20. S006 with 70mm stitched from Alaska Seward
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