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  1. S006 and 120 APO S from Alaska
  2. Here is one with SL2 and 75mm Voigtlander f1.5 stitched
  3. Reduce size and weight with rounder edge, SL is the most brick like camera I ever used. Even S feel less so.
  4. Here is one with 007 and 35mm S
  5. Sl2 with 35lux m ASPH with 50mm APO M with 50mm Lux M ASPH
  6. one with S007 and 70mm S during wildfire season
  7. Here is one with 120S APO and GFX100s that took advantage of IBIS and beautiful Leica glass rendering.
  8. Here is one I spent a little bit more time on editing than last time I posted. I reduced contrast, bring down highlight and crop the left side. 35lux pre-ASPH stitched (I think it was f8)
  9. 120 APO S stitched with 006
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