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  1. Yes, S is special. I have GFX100s and love it as a tool. I only bought 30 and 45mm both incredible sharp glasses. I dont plan to get more focus by wire glasses but adapt long R, OTUS, Nikon F or Leica S (wide open only) for long side. I personally can clearly see how incredible this sensor is. It is the most robust sensor I ever worked with regarding process. BW file is just in another level to other camera include SL2, S007/006. However, if it doesn't allow me adapt FF glasses, I will not use it much other than landscape. S's specialness is real. you also have to consider this is not o
  2. SLR have a separate AF sensor which is phase detection only. There is no point for SLR implement contrast detect on that sensor as it is not for image anyway and it will be slower because of feedback control nature of CDAF. The focus error is not from phase detection but separated path from focus and imaging and open loop nature that focus algorithm instruction can be off from individual lens or camera based on detected phase error. 007 do have CDAF for LCD shooting. There are also technical complication for off center focus accuracy and aperture allowed due to light angle but
  3. I don’t think this could be a NDA case (telling us there is problem free original 006) if you disagree with this statement about corrosion root cause and time line, I am all ear if you have evidence or inside info to share. the problem cause is well known. The key is time line. It is not a rumor by any stretch but more a common logical sense to me.
  4. I was told by Leica NJ that Leica found out sensor problem and solution after stop 006 and SE and have 007 in production for years already. So all original 006 have the same sensor cover glue are prone to corrosion over time. I have seen 006 cameras with almost zero use show random corrosion spots.
  5. Well, be a S users long enough will have lots of chance to talk with store and customer service even headquarter people in Germany. which above info you refer to? Maybe quote directly so I can answer more specific.
  6. Yes, it will happen sooner or later for all of original ones. And for one with replaced sensors, it will not happen again per Leica. everything comes with a price. If price is attractive enough, people will buy with original sensor. Shooting at wider aperture is fine. So you can clone the spot out. Comparing You buy a new camera, the depreciation will be more than modest charge for a beautiful S006.
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