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  1. I haven’t. I tried 45/80/120/140. 55 is a very small lens for MF so I think it could be a very fun one especially we don’t have this focal in S line.
  2. Thank you for the info. It is very helpful. I will keep this in mind.
  3. Thanks. I have another adapter. It is just feel regretfully I didnt investigate it a little when I see the lose lock button. That is one of main purposes I made the post to inform more people in addition to, of course, express unhappiness. I know post like this seems offending some users that emotionally attach with the gear or brand they use. I love my S. Just it is me get treat this way than some who complain about my posts, if I or any random X guy did not disclose it, nobody will know what happened and the situation could be worse I figured. I'd be happy to share my happy exper
  4. Thank you for your reply. Thank you for being polite. I don't agree with you one thing: Other company? Which other company have this issue you are talking about. Keep in mind, Leica C to S adapter is current product in their listing. I am not talking something 30 years old M or R accessories. If this logic applied, do I pay 25% discount buy a new car if my engine miss a screw or cap?
  5. What if you loose a screw on your 50 APO lens, and Leica charge you $8950 with 25% discount to fix it for you? Really, there is no much difference in attitude how to treat customers.
  6. yes, the release button itself. I can see inside screw and lock pin still in the adapter. But release button is the only one gone.
  7. This is disrespect and ignorant. Well, it is internet, people are free to write something they won’t say face to face.
  8. I have both and agree with Arif fully. I enjoy S more mainly for OVF and lens house rendering. But GFX 100s offer different charming, I love adapting lenses on it. Your 100R cover it easily with room to spare. because of adapting and cropping plus IBIS and nice JPEG engine, I use FUJI more recently but I will never part with S. GFX 100s is multi format for me. I can shoot anything from 1X1, 4X5, 6X7 64x35 etc…this is especially useful for adapting FF glasses on it.
  9. I bought a contax 645 80mm lens with Leica S to C adapter recently. I have the adapter myself but because it is a combo deal, I bought the adapter anyway. The lock pin is slightly lose (this was disclosed by seller) on this new one but fully functional. After one trip out, I found the small lock nut disappeared. Everything else is still there but the out side nut. I regret I didnt spend time investigate when I got the adapter. After this accident happen, I took a close look for the one I have. It should be a easy job to tight it up. (maybe half hour, because I need remove the mount ring to do
  10. I don't disagree with your conclusion. Don't know how to rate them in order but light and composition certainly important, so are color, pattern, subject... Now back to OP. I don't expect any future CCD based cameras at all. Personally, S006 brought the most enjoyment to me over all S body used (I never touched S3, though it is a 007 but sensor). The real physical speed dial is big big for me in field, Nowadays, I almost never use any auto (exposure or focus) with S. I also happen to like its color the most out of any cameras. (with or without edit/process) The old school shutter so
  11. A set with S006 and 120 APO S
  12. S006 with Contax 80mm
  13. 006 with Hasselblad 110mm
  14. 006 with Contax 80mm
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