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  1. A few portraits I can find handy. I haven't seen a WA can have this type of corner that free of cat eyes at WO. (not shown in these samples) Not to mention about the sharpness, transition and bokeh. A truly Leica S show off it is. Samples are with S2 and S006.
  2. Yes, I prefer its output to 45mm as well though at different focal. 35mm is my favorite 28mm(FF) lenses ever touched and I have had a lot of them.
  3. As good as you can get. I have zero complain about it other than size.
  4. contax645 80mm with S006 Both stitched images
  5. For S I used Manual 90% for stitch because the big shutter speed dial is so easy to reach and turn and you can see both aperture and speed setting in Window. For M or SL2 with manual lens, I found I used mostly lock way unless I am on tripod. It is just the way I used these cameras quite differently based on preference or shooting scenarios.
  6. I do both depend on situation. There is no right or wrong way to do it nor there is a"premium" way to shooting
  7. I hope Leica visit this forum. Is there a formal way we can report problems.
  8. maybe you don’t use it but not a strange user case at all. As most manufactures just did this. I just checked SL2S did this correctly too. So is Panasonic S5, so is NIKON Z did the same:) I believe M don’t have this problem until m11.
  9. Thank you for checking Just checked with my m10P, it works as it should be: exposure locked as long as you half pressed shutter in single mode. I would think most M user will be in single shot mode. I almost never use continues at all. for sure it is a bug. I will check SL2S and S later and report back here.
  10. I tried different meter mode with no difference. Sorry I forget mention this in my original post.
  11. Yes, that is correct. I need double check my m10p which is not around right now. (I don't think I have this issue before) But most of cameras I used if the option of half press lock the exposure selected, it will lock until you release the half pressed shutter. Sure, manual works which I do too. but that requires extra step for me in the field if I am not in manual mode before. I usually do WO stitch and stop down stitch for different reason. Aperture priority is way more easier in this case if I can lock the exposure.
  12. Yep, it is locked. But it doesn't solve my issue. I can't imagine people using Continues mode for the cases I described.
  13. I posted this in firmware update thread without reply. I think it is better to start a new thread for this as I feel this is one of more serious bugs for me personally. If I want to shoot multiple frames with locked exposure in aperture priority mode, in the past, I just need half press shutter and keep it pressed and shooting. Because there is no option to enable or disable half press shutter lock exposure for Leica M. (Many other camera let you select this as option), this is especially important. I will pick two scenarios why this is important. Stitch frame: you want lock the exposure and keep exposure consistent when you do panned shots. For M11, you can only have two shot with exposure locked because after first image, the meter relock the scene right away, but after 2nd image, the meter reevaluate and re-lock again. If you took 5 image stitch, first two will have the same exposure, #3&4 have another, and #5 will be another exposure. (assume light conditions are different for each frame) Assume you take backlight portrait, you might want lock exposure by point camera down to avoid meter for highlight, (you can decide how to meter the image based on scene without using manual mode, it could be trying to overexposure or under exposure but you get my idea) Then you take the images, but you try to get a better expression, or the last one subject eyes were closed, you want keep your shutter half pressed to fire right way with original locked exposure. With M11, you can't. It will evaluate the exposure again with that backlight condition. Can you guys check if this is my camera issue or M11 issue? I tried E shutter, mechanical shutter, LV/EVF on, LV/EVF off, none of them make any difference. Any help will be welcome.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I read the whole review and what a beautiful set of images. I absolutely love them. S is superb there. I can almost feel the pleasure for the moment of making them:)
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