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  1. Is the new Sigma 150mm--600mm lens the longest lens for L mount? Any thoughts on how the Sigma would compare to my 90-280 Leica SL lens? Is there currently any teleconverter for L mount I could use to get more reach out of the 90-280mm lens? Any rumors of Leica producing a longer Leica 400mm L mount lens? I wish.
  2. I having been charging in my garage temperature around 40-45degrees kinda of cold maybe ambient temperature effecting charger. I will check........
  3. This issue keeps happening. Is there a problem with the battery or charger itself?
  4. What does it mean when my SL Battery Charger Orange and Green Legs fast blink at same time? If I unplug charger and plug back in seems to charge like normal but this keeps happening. Is there an issue with battery or is it SL battery Charger?
  5. Compared to SL2, when does the superior low light performance of SL-2-S start to become evident? sat at 800iso or 3200iso? Or is it only apparent at 5000iso or 10,000 iso where one can start to see that the low light capabilities of Sl-2-S is superior to the SL2?
  6. now that the Leica M 35mm apo is live, is 28mm apo m lens in the cards? that would be a sweet trio 28mm apo, 35mm apo and 50mm apo paired with a Leica M10 mono. what a dream kit.
  7. So what accept of autofocus does the SL2-S do better or faster then SL2? Does the SL2-S lock onto subject faster or focus track better then the SL2? Locking unto moving subject and tracking subject are the arears I wish the SL2 did better and I am not sure if the SL2-S and its 24mb sensor improve these autofocus ascepts.
  8. when you say SL2-S has faster auto focus since only has 24mb sensor what does that mean exactly and how will that benefit shooting running soccer players? I know shooting the SL2 so far sometimes it is hard to lock focus on a player then keep focus tracking on that one player. Does the SL2-S offer better focus tracking at this point?
  9. how does safari green look on black body? does green stand out too much? thanks
  10. Does the retractable hood make 28mm summicron Safari feel much smaller or not a big deal? Any advantages over current 28mm cron? maybe the retractable hood is small and cute but doesnt does not have much function, flare........
  11. I know 4ply is the standard, but anyone here prefer framing and matting their prized photo prints with 8ply matting? is 8ply overkill/ over the top?
  12. Is there a special version of the Leica 1.4 Magnifier for the M10 mono or m10. I think the threading is different attaching the 1.4x magnifier to the m10. were the 1.4x and 1.25 for M10 discontinued?
  13. Before I buy a Visoflex for my M10 mono, any guess if a new upgraded Visoflex will be releases anytime soon for the M?
  14. Anyone try the Really Right Stuff Pocket Tripods? How are the leica tabletops? thanks.
  15. Any suggestions for best tabletop tripod with maybe ballhead for Leica M10? Looking for something well built and simple. I know Really Right Stuff makes a tabletop and Leica, Manfrotto. Any suggestions to which is best?
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