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  1. Thanks Karl ! To be honest, I think I made a "not so bad" series in the SkatePark and I kept the best one ( on my standpoint of course ! ) for "The decisive Challenge" ! I wanted to compete, for the fun of course... After the end of the challenge, I will post this one which is better I think. I like this other one with the guy on the sofa
  2. A test this week-end at the skatepark. B.Rgds
  3. Yes my POV generate luckily something pretty dramatic & monstrous, agree ! I took 15 pictures, but I don't know why this one is my preferred & same thing for me Paul, I need rope ladder to climb aboard !! Many thanks for your friendly comments gentlemen, really appreciated
  4. Great ! Scott, May I ask you your settings for this photo ? (young padawan always looking for new advices et informations in the way of wisdom... )
  5. Excellent ! ... Algrove, as usual ! @ Tri : great shot !
  6. @ Bruniroquai : excellent series ! Really like it. Thanks @ algrove : I often laugh when reading your "unexpected" comments
  7. Well done ! Like it very much.
  8. Kirk Nices pictures, like all ! I tried to see the result in B&W, and let you see. I like it very much like that too. (I apologize to have took the right to modify your photo)
  9. Thanks gentlemen ! (Algrove : yes ! In my standpoint he loved to see kids reaction. You have to know that this french Band, named RockBox, plays AC/DC, Deep Purple and a lot of R'n'R and Hard Rock bands of 70's with a loud and "trashy" sound. It was very surprising to see kids 'reaction with this sound. For information, they will be the Guests for the Deep Purple concert in Monaco in a few weeks ! ) And to complete the information, I shot them all along the concert, I sent them by email 12 of "my best" pics and they posted all these pics on their facebook page ! I'm just an "amat
  10. A Rock Band playing in the street, kids are dancing and laughing, the leader is clearly happy, a shared moment of happiness (and a young proud photographer to have had the luck to capture this moment )
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