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  1. Thank you. You're not making it any easier for me to make that decision.:-)
  2. Hello, everyone. Thank you very much for the explanations. I have now received some advice. I think I will indeed take the 28 Summilux and the 50 APO with me. Also at the risk that it will be a little more bulky than a small combi. The 28 Elmarit would be an alternative, but I think I'll have some nice twilight situations where I can play with the background sharpness at 1.4. I leave the 15mm Voigtländer at home. Thanks again for your advices that supported me in my decision. I will post some pictures after my return.
  3. Regarding the 50APO, I'm sure I'll take it with me by now. With 28Summilux I still have some problems. I have the hope that the light conditions are sufficient for the tiny 28EL. I still have a few days to plan. It's fun too. Thanks for the support
  4. Thank you. Your suggestion is good and would limit the weight. I don't want to take a tele like the 90 or the 13 with me. A small Manfrotto tripod and ND - filter for the skyline. Good idea. At first I had flirted with the 28 Summilux. The image effect of 1.4 was tempting. But to carry 6 days this fat child, the 50 and maybe the 35mm, that seemed a bit crazy to me. Normally I am in the European cities only with the 35mm on the way. Thanks a lot. Your advice makes my decision easier
  5. Thank you for the tips dugby, In fact, weight plays a role in the journey. I put the 28 Summilux, the 50 APO and the 15 Voigtländer into the Domke bag for a try. That's enough to put some pressure on my shoulder. And I don't want to leave the equipment in the hotel. Shoes and warm clothes are a completely different topic. There I wait for the weather forecast. But good footwear is a must and I am bald 😉
  6. ....and also has quite malignant edges
  7. Thank you very much for the recommendations. I travel more often in Italian cities and try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Fortunately, my M10(P) doesn't have a red dot, but I'm sure I'll tape the lettering off. However, the Leica M is very stable and can also be used for self-defence. An important decision has already been made. The 50mm stays at home.
  8. Thank you for the advice. I now know that the 50mm can stay at home. The M10 can also be used with 6400. Therefore I take the 35/2 with me in any case, instead of the 28 SLX. I throw the 28Elmarit or the small 15mm into my bag, if I need more space for the skyline or skyscrapers.
  9. OK -Then I have to decide if I take either the 28 Summilux or the 35 Summicron. Hmm
  10. Hello together. I need some advice. At the end of December I travel to New York. I will take my Leica M10 with me and am now faced with the question of which lens or lenses I take with me. I would like to travel with light luggage, but I could imagine that in NYC through the skyscrapers/Skyline, evening atmosphere, many people close together, both, bright and wide angle lenses could make sense. Choose from: 28SLX, 28Elm.,35 Summicron., 50APO & 50SLX and 15 (4,5) Voigtländer. The 28 SLX is relatively clumsy, the 28Elm. nicely small but relatively weak in speed. Does anyone have any e
  11. I would like to know what you can change with the Black or Color Shading settings
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