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  1. For sure well done Leica. Wish I could afford one! I have a decent enough challenge in taking interesting photos with an M246.
  2. I had the same problem with my 50mm Summilux - worked fine on the M9-P, but some back focus on the M 240. However my 35mm 1.4 works perfectly on the M 240, as it did on the M9-P.
  3. I can report that on short tests (20 secs) I get a muffled beep beep sound when doing video using M 240 with a Lexar Professional 32 GB card - when near or not near other electronic equipment. However, when using the SanDisk Eye-Fi 8 GB card I get no beep beep sound. Very very quick test, not all variables checked but I wonder whether (for my camera at any rate) the sound is dependent on which SD card I am using. More testing to be done....
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