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  1. Beautiful image, looking forward to see what you thinks
  2. Should I get the 90 Summicron APO or pre-APO versions? Is there noticeable differences in IQ or rendering? Thanks
  3. Love this lens and one of my fav Leica wideangles. You can read my thoughts here: https://jerrybei.com/reviews/2013/2/22/the-leica-21mm-f34-super-elmar-asph-lens-practical-review
  4. It is surprising with the availability of this limited edition lens, there’s still plenty left on dealers.
  5. Here is a similar image by the 50mm F1 Noctilux Lens, it is evident that the 75mm Noctilux has smoother/creamier bokeh but the 50mm F1 has more character.
  6. It’s the law of diminishing returns just like the 50mm Noctilux to the 50mm Summilux, hardly can justify the $7000 difference. The 75mm Summilux is a very capable portrait lens but more classic rendering and softer glow, each to their own taste and you can read my review here: https://jerrybei.com/reviews/2014/3/26/leica-75mm-f14-summilux-m-lens-review
  7. Not sure about United States, but we should except next delivery to be sometimes in May here in Australia.
  8. Here is the last shot for the day, joining the horse theme
  9. Yes, I understand especially shooting wide open in bright sunny days here in Australia. Lots of files tend to be overexposed even with minimum iso so might need a ND filter to correct that. Cheers
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