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  1. I find the best tool for a computerphobe / technophobe to view photos is on an Ipad - just swipe back and forth.. Simple just to sync the Ipad with your Macbook to transfer the Photos too. And the Ipad displays photos well as well!
  2. Are there limits to the ISO values used to post in this thread? Film was pretty well limited to 400 ISO ... it is sensor technology that allows ISO upto say 25,600 ... is photographing at such high ISO values not defeating the concept of photographic fidelity you are chasing? Isn’t the act of creating a jpg from a raw file an act of manipulation dependent on the application used to create the jpg? What smoothing, denoising, demosaicing and colour fidelity and other technology is inherently applied in the act of exporting?
  3. Getting a little more used to the D2 now... in between shopping trips...
  4. I usually shoot raw, but many on here think the ooc jpgs are a particular feature of the camera. I’ll try both. And patience is such a virtue in our busy world..... 5 seconds for a raw file to write? Pah.... I remember having to wait 6 minutes for “Charlie Chucky Egg” to load from a tape to a high flying Sinclair computer....
  5. In April I posted a 2008 picture I had taken with my D2, and made a promise to myself to reacquire a camera I had quickly regretted trading in for an M8.... Well my new to me D2 arrived tonight... and it is pretty well in mint condition, with a shuttercount of just less than 9000. I can't wait to use it over this winter season. Here is my first quickly grabbed photo.... I have some way to go to catch up with many of the posters on this thread!
  6. Neil should get into high end audio to keep himself amused until his photo mojo returns.... https://www.audioaffair.co.uk/unison-research-absolute-845-integrated-valve-amplifier?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4qqRofH65AIVUcjeCh346wbrEAQYAyABEgKSufD_BwE
  7. Good work Andy. Anything that adds to the regeneration of the North, our Northern Powerhouse, is a fine thing.
  8. I am part way through culling my stock of c. 20k photos in Lightroom , to leave just definite keepers. When I got back to 2007/8 I was once again struck by just how good my digilux 2 photos were. They glow with colour. On reflection, I think only some more recent Monochrom pictures match the aesthetic pleasure derived. I can see me re-acquiring a good second hand model. The files are small...3.5 mb … and I was also struck by how little adjustment I needed to make in LR. We live and learn.
  9. This does seem to be a positive outcome. Good sense has prevailed.
  10. Samir I’m sure your point was well intended, but it is a point for a different forum, or thread at least... this thread should focus on the appalling decision by Thorsten Overgaard to make camera bags and other bags from the skins of endangered species, elephants in particular.
  11. He evidently believes he can gouge far more profit from pandering to the monied celebrities who are likely to buy this gross stuff than he will from continuing to pander to the polyglot but essentially liberal hoi polloi that make up the Leica community.
  12. It must be especially annoying for a self appointed Leica Guru.....
  13. Jeepers, you really do think that "buyer beware" is a valid customer engagement technique. That was discredited in the 1950's .. and is simply indefensible.
  14. Inertia Selling, which is what this LFI practice is, was outlawed in the UK by the Consumer Protection Unfair Trading Regulations, 2008. Those regs. sought to stop businesses treating customers unfairly, which is precisely what LFI are doing. It is an indefensible practice. Japp and Pop can dance on the head of an ever smaller pin defending the legalities across the world, but it is the reputational harm to Leica that is done by their association with this sharp practice that the forum, and it's moderators, should be concerned about.
  15. Jorma, it may be that on import, you need to click on the DCIM folder, rather than the Camera folder, to see import thumbnails. That foxed me with my MM for a while.
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