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  1. Hi everybody, I d like to understand more I got a m240 and a elmarit r 135 I have the opportunity to get today the novoflex adaptator, the old one, not the coded one. Does it mean, that my lens won t work correctly on the camera ? Will I be able to use the live view mode and will I get an adapted framing on the rangefinder ? Or should I wait and try to get the new version 6bid coded ? Thanks
  2. Ok thanks I will try this and send later on my camera to be repaired I have backup equipment, canon 5d2, not another m9 unfortunately!!!
  3. Hi everybody I am exhausted a year and a half ago, i buy my first digital leica, and some lenses, few thousands euros of new equipement after a year, i had to send it to germany cause the letther was going out, it took me 7 weeks to get the camera back... i got it back a month and a half ago, and since some time, I notice a raw of red pixels on every single pictures I shoot, it appears mainly when I shot under, but it's always here I speak with Leica by mail they want me to send back the camera, but I know it will take few weeks, I live in Israel, and these days I have to use profes
  4. hi, i m getting a new m9p and a 50cron, super excited i am........ i m searching since few days where could i buy a nd filter size 39mm for the 50mm cron . i can t find anything, i m looking for a shop in france or internet ?? thanks
  5. i shake the camera but keep the same composition, and i don't meter from the dark area i m one year familiar with metering of the m system, i ve shoot developp and scan more than 100 films so it's what i ve learn so far... should i know something particular about the metering ? thanks
  6. Hi, I use an M6 since one year and since the last few months the light metering has a problem. It happenes most of the time in low light situation, the camera indicates me a good exposure which is in fact over exposed of usuallty few stops.. for exemple i m using a tmax 400 the real light is f5.6 at 1/30 so he will indicates me f2.8 at 1/15 ... i need to shake the camera to help him to give me the real exposures on the one side, it teaches me how to read the light less or more, but on the other, it's very annoying when i need to photograph quickly and i have these mistakes. i ve cha
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