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  1. elgenper

    Traveling with a Leica

    Adam, at least, is very much with us still. He has a very readable web site that scores high on my reading list.
  2. elgenper

    90/2.8 Tele-Elmarit-M vs. 90/4 Macro-Elmar

    I know about this, but I don´t think it´s the cause here. The glass looks OK when looking at a point light source. Also ´loss of contrast´ is a bit relative. with mine, it´s not as aggressive as in Andy´s third example (the b/w shot). But it is a bit too much for my taste.
  3. elgenper

    90/2.8 Tele-Elmarit-M vs. 90/4 Macro-Elmar

    I´ve owned both the Makro Elmar and the ´thin´ Tele Elmarit. The TE got mothballed because of the flare propensity that Andy described; in fact it lost contrast in almost all situations with enough light plasticity to be worth photographing. The ME is a spectacular piece of glass tehcnically, and very compact, but had just too much ´bite´ for my taste, so I sold it. Now I own the old Summarit model (the f/2.5 one), and that´s the 90 I use when I need a 90 (which isn´t too often; I also have the 75 Apo, which I prefer for portraits). It is quite good, without any excessive personality, and they seem to be quite cheap second hand. Bigger than the two others, but still quite light and compact.
  4. elgenper

    M10-P - No Instruction Manual In the Box

    OK, what´s the fuss about? Many years since any Apple product was delivered with any kind of manual; someone even published a series of independent books named "The Book that should have been in the box". Maybe that guy should start a Leica sideline?
  5. elgenper

    Leica Elpro 52

    The table in Helge´s link (post #4) has a column for the lens set at infinity. The distance values there seem to indicate a power of around 4 diopters (i. e. f.l. 25 cm) for this Elpro. One would think an optically competent company like Leica might have put the correct value in the technical info.... I have various old Elpros, a set of Minolta achromats and a Canon 250 in my cupboard. Any of them should work decently with suitable step rings; problem is, I still use an M9, so there is no practical method of focussing...
  6. elgenper

    No love for the 35mm Summicron Asph?

    FWIW, I own both the V.1 (8 lenses) and the ASPH (not the new one). The ASPH may not be the lens with most ´character´ among my modest setup of Leica glass, but it does its job. Every time. From time to time I´m beset by nostalgic feelings, and dig out the V1 and use it for some days (and this thread triggered one such period). That lens kind of does its job, too - some of the time. By now, it´s back in the cupboard, and the ASPH is back on duty.
  7. elgenper

    M9 Firmware update

    Latest is 1.210 (and likely the last one, given the age of the model). You´ll find it here
  8. elgenper

    Leica MM1 - Removing the black paint

    Easy. Just use it daily for 25 years or so.... Seriously, since the MMv1 is black chrome, not paint over brass, i don´t think you would like the result, even if you did find a way to "rub it off". I own an old, black chrome Leicaflex SL (the old, film one) that I did use mercilessly for several years. All beaten up and internally worn out - but that black finish is still pristine...
  9. elgenper

    Safari question . Bumpy rides

    Sure, if I had been driving myself, nothing would probably have happened to my gear (but, quite likely, I´d had got stuck in some mudhole rather quickly...). The ride was seen as a special favour for me and my family, and I must admit I´m still a bit ashamed about being part of the driving (=paying) force behind such behaviour.... And, my mention of "Hatari" was certainly not meant as a recommendation. Although it had its bright moments (the rocket experiments...), I share Jaap´s feelings about it.
  10. elgenper

    Safari question . Bumpy rides

    Well, there are bumps and BUMPS... Got a ride in a game warden´s jeep in Kenya almost 40 years ago that I´ll never forget (If you´ve seen the opening scene in that old John Wayne film "Hatari", you get the general idea). Although I had the feeling that the tyres were in the air almost all the time, one of my Leicaflexes (in a well padded Billingham) was knocked completely out of alignment...
  11. elgenper

    Sensor fine on the MM1

    Mine is in Wetzlar right now. My M9 got the new sensor about a year ago. I would NOT buy a camera from that generation unless I got assurance that the sensor was replaced. If done outside warranty, estimated cost is around 1100 Euros...
  12. Read about it: horrible news! Macintosh was a genius!
  13. elgenper

    Leica CM / ML?/ New Leica Mirrorless Announcement

    Disappointed? OK, it depends on one´s expectations, of course. But the overblown anticipation, as demonstrated by this thread, is hardly Leica´s fault (they must be very unamused in Wetzlar...). We got something after all: a decent pocketable travel camera (for those who need lots of zoom), and some rather meaningless blingware besides. For myself, I´ll happily go on using my 8 yo M9; just as good today as it was when I eagerly unwrapped it in February 2010 (plus my Monochrom 1 when it returns with a new sensor...). But disappointed? Not a bit!
  14. elgenper

    Engraving tool

    FWIW, I´ve done the same for 2 lenses, worked like a charm, even though it looks somewhat crude (probably lowers the resale value of the lenses). Put the lens in a plastic bag, seal and secure with lots of masking tape, exposing only the small area on the mount that you´ll be working at; it´s not just the glass that must be protected, but the focussing and aperture rings as well. If you feel unsecure about doing it, then don´t... BTW, no need to engrave and paint the white areas in the code, only the black ones. And be VERY careful with the position of these.
  15. elgenper

    Why old lenses on the Monochrom?

    Well, most of them are far from "the worst lenses", actually. But they have a different character, just like oil paint has another character than acrylics. And, with the Monochrom, differences in colour rendering (which can be rather dramatic) are not an issue. That said, lots of people do use old glass on other Leica bodies as well. Look at threads like this one!