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  1. What AF mode are you using? If "pinpoint", it does exactly that. Quite useful for closeups or portraits; a bit slow and fiddly for general shooting.
  2. Wow! My first digital Leica, and my favourite until I got my M9. Incredible camera for its time!
  3. Well, I shoot a lot of dogs (...😜). My "solution" is simple: my trusty M9 with (most of the time) Apo-Summicron 75, (sometimes) Summilux 50 Asph, or (occasionally) Summicron 35 V. 1 (8-lens). Here is a recent one with the 75. My experience is somewhat different from those of some posters here (and I don´t dispute theirs, we´re all different...). I seldom miss focus altogether, even with the 75 (and the example cited isn´t one of the sharpest ones, admittedly), but I often miss fast situations (never mind, there´ll be another one in a moment with those models). What´s important for me
  4. Baloo and Jens having a great time... M9, Apo-Summicron 75
  5. Cockers! Love them!!! Here´s another one (no snow, however...). M9, 50 mm Rigid Summicron.
  6. If I understand you correctly, you want a mode that is "as automatic as possible" while assuring a fast enough shutter time to avoid blur from subject movement and camera shake. Well, that´s what you´ll get if you select auto ISO AND auto aperture, but manually select a shutter speed high enough for the situation facing you. That´s how I shoot my DL7 almost all the time.
  7. Fiddling around in my photo library, I stumbled over these two Digilux 2 images, both from 2005. Incredible camera!
  8. I bought first the M9, then the MM1 when they were new (both have had their sensors replaced while it was for free), and that´s what I use (I do have a couple of compacts: X2 and DL7, but only for when I just cannot carry an M outfit). I have every intention to keep on using them as long as they work well (I´m 78, so chances are they´ll outlast me...). I never carry both, of course, not even when travelling. Just like film times, one has to decide for each outing if it´s a colour or b/w occasion, and then to stick with one´s decision: no problem with that! Having one colour camera and d
  9. Well, I wasn´t out to surprise anyone. The thread starter asked for a comparison, and here it is. Since I´ve owned and used both cameras for almost a year, this is just about what I expected. I´ve long since concluded that smooth bokeh isn´t the forte of the DL7. I was just reminded how much of a difference it is. BTW, nice to hear you keep that Digilux 2 going! It was my "main camera" from 2004 until I got the M9 in February 2010, but now it rests in peace (just cannot sell it...). Here is an old studio shot with my Digilux 2; amazing camera indeed!
  10. OK, so here are those DoF shots. I assume you didn´t want just shots of a ruler, but something with OOF background. For these 2, I focussed on the stack of prints on the table; the interesting part is the window and the potted plants. Both are f/2.8, with 35 mm equivalent, shot in raw, and the exposure adjusted to make them match. The DL7 lens does allow for f/2.3 at that setting, but the DoF difference when opening all the way is small indeed. As you can see, the amount of background blurring is very similar for those 2, but IMHO the X2 gives a far smoother and more beautiful bokeh;
  11. Now I´m really surprised... Dogs are a frequent subject for me, whole flocks of them romping around unleashed on a large field. And, just for that, I feel that everything BUT an M Leica (M9 in my case) is useless! I don´t need AF, but I do need a camera that exposes exactly when needed! So, M9 rules the canines... This one is with the 75/2 Apo. And, those 3 guys didn´t wait for me... PS. I´ll get around to those test shots for DoF later this evening, I hope...
  12. Just going through all this myself... I own both the X1 and X2, as well as the DLux 7 (which should be very similar to the DLux 109), and am right now going through a series of "test shootings" to try to establish just which one I should grab when the M9 is just too much to carry... Here are a few of my comments about the contestants. Both X1 and X2 give better image quality than the DLux; the X1 is just a teeny bit better than the X2. But they are SLOW, and the X1 controls keep changing with the slightest touch, eg when taking it out of a pocket. So, for me the X1 is out of the race.
  13. Just like yourself, I had double cataract surgery 2 years ago, completely eliminating my previous severe astigmatism and giving me excellent distance vision. Also like you, +2 is my preferred reading glass strength. For work on my computer monitor (a large 27 inch one), I use +1.5 glasses. Now for the Leica finder. Like Jeff said, it shows the frame lines and focussing patch at a virtual distance of 2 meters, so one´s normal reading glasses are too strong for the purpose. I can (just) focus reasonably, if hesitantly, without any correction, but +1 correction lenses work perfectly for m
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