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  1. Reviving an old thread, but I am encountering this with a S007 that I just acquired. Same issues as the original poster - the red light stays on, the top display starts up and shows "NO CARD", and then starts to blink "NO CARD" continuously. I have tried with 3 different Sandisk SD cards (64GB Extreme Pro, 32GB, Extreme Pro, 16GB SDHC) and 1 Lexar 633x 64GB. The cards have been formatted on a Leica SL, a Mac using Disk Utility, and also a Mac using the SD formatter. It can't be a bad SD card - they all work fine on every other camera I own (M9, T, SL, Nikon, Fuji). I have 2 batteries and same
  2. Thanks all. I don't doubt that it's a genuine battery, it looks identical to the one that came with my T. Hopefully it was unused as well!
  3. Ah, fair question. From that huge auction site. I do realize now that a dealer would have been the better choice!
  4. I recently bought a new - well, what I thought was new - spare battery for my T. It’s the BP-DC13 pack with the black plate, which is Leica part 18773. Having received it, I noticed the date stamped on the box was 2014-09-01. The battery itself was stamped 2014-05. i was a little surprised at those dates since this was supposedly a new battery, but then I realized I didn’t have any way to even verify if it was new? I vaguely remember other Leica batteries having a protective (blue?) film covering the terminals, but can’t recall specifically. Has anybody recently b
  5. Is there any advantage to sending it to Deutschland for the fix, or is that just a waste of shipping charges?
  6. Ricardo, Thanks for the heads-up! Hopefully will be able to get one of the remaining M9s then... Eugene
  7. After some research, never mind! It looks like the tariffs apply only to lenses, lens parts and camera parts...
  8. Hello, Wow what a great thread, I've been searching for an M9P for some time and this sounds great. I wonder if anyone in the US has ordered one after Oct 13? Were these subject to an import tariff? Not sure if it applies only to "new" cameras or if it is just any. Cheers Eugene
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