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  1. I need a good tripod and ball setup to get the most out of my 006. RRS tripods and heads are fantastic but are there other alternatives out there? Just curious what folks use. Mostly used for landscape and still. Size isn’t an issue for me. best Briab
  2. This thread is years old. I ended up buying a Leica S and 70mm. Thanks everyone! 😃
  3. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the encouragement and mutual sentiment.
  4. In some way it (006 and 70mm) reminds me exactly of the M9M with 50mm APO which is exactly what I was hoping for. Except It can shoot color as well. Very pleased with results. Actually I love the it.
  5. Yes It can get heavy. Thankfully there are roller cases.
  6. Any recommendations on camera bag / protection for travel my Leica S?
  7. I had the original Monochrom and really loved that camera. The sensor had a very organic feel. This S system is very close to that feeling. Thanks again everyone.
  8. I've been a long time Leica M user and now a new to me Leica S 006 with 70mm CS. I'm blown away with this camera! For its age its stunning. I love the CCD sensor color and monochrom conversion, the resolution, the Medium depth of field, etc. All these years I had no idea. This has motivated my photography like the first time I developed mown B&W film decades ago. Thats all I got. Thanks for listening.
  9. Do you use the 55 or 40 head on your RRS tripod?
  10. Thank you. Do always use a tripod? Or handheld in good light?
  11. You make Japan very photogenic. Did you shoot handheld? Tripod? Whats your travel gear setup?
  12. This has been few times on the forum but not in many years. Whats are folks using for a tripod for there Leica S? How about travel? Handheld even with a Leica S 006? Thanks in advance as Im trying maximize the format as best as I can.
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