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  1. You can get some. It's not as pronounced as, say, a 50mm Sony Zeiss or the Sigma but you can get a bit. It also can be made to flare (a really really nice flare when used deliberately). The Summilux isn't a perfect* lens like the Summicron. It's a balance between sharpness and that look it has. At f2 though any CA is essentially gone. I shot over 100 weddings with it and I wouldn't leave it at home. Just a fabulous piece of glass. It's a big lens though...... Gordon
  2. The RF, size, handling, discretion, build quality, tactility, lack of extraneous features etc... A look is influenced by everything in the exposure pipeline including camera lens and software. You won't get anything better from a Leica. Just subtly different. And also subtly different from other Leicas. Gordon
  3. You and I do not need to hold a camera at the same ratio of shutter speed. We are different. It’s up to you to learn what you are capable of. There is no set number. Gordon
  4. I beleive the M11 sensor (if shared silicon from the A7R4 as widely proposed) would be a dual gain sensor and not ISO invariant. It woud make sense then that if you used the two ISO dual gain levels and pushed in post you may get the same results as in camera, or better, but not at every ISO. With an ISO invariant sensor you could use any ISO. Gordon
  5. Yes, this is correct. It's something the measurement sites don't report on as they use downsized files for their testing which disguises it. In the real world at full resolution the SL2 is not inferior to the A7R3/4 when banding is taken into account. Often it has more *usable* DR because it can be pushed harder. DXO/P2P figures can be useful for some but they don't tell the whole story. Relying on them as an absolute is not something I will ever do. Gordon
  6. Nowdays, mostly I do it in Lightroom. The stitching improvements are enough that dropping into PTGui isn't really required anymore. Very occasionally it'll need a quick trip to Photoshop for a stitch line clean up. Gordon
  7. Is 4 points *noticeably* lower? They seem similar except for about half a stop in high ISO performance. That's within common exposure errors. How big is DXOs Lattitude for error in measurement? I really have no idea. I don't pay that much attention to these sites as they're not really relevant to my shooting style. Is half a stop within the error margin of measurement? Gordon
  8. Well the SL2, which you call sub par, shares its silicon with the S1R, which scores 100 on DXO Mark. I have both and they are remarkably similar. And I couldn't get extreme banding in images from my SL2 whereas it was not uncommon when really pushing my A7R2 or A7R3 files. The M8 and M9 are known for their stunning black and white conversions. I don't subscribe to the *sub par* sensor discussions. They are what they are and like every other part of the camera you learn the limitations and go make photographs. Some of my favourite images were made with the M9. A *better* sensor would not make those better images. It's knd of like saying slide film was sub par to colour neg because it had vastly lower DR (less than 6 stops in the case of Velvia). Absolutely, a sensor with wider DR or lower high ISO noise can make some things easier. I too, choose cameras with high DR, bigger sensors and low noise when shooting large landscapes. But mostly these are things seen by photoraphers and forums. I've never, ever had an image critiqued with, "too bad it's too noisy" except by some muppet on a forum. If what people are noticing in a photo is a lack of DR or some noise then the image had already failed. Gordon
  9. I have the same bug and Leica is yet to fix it but Leica is apparently aware of it. Setting auto review to release shutter has solved it for me and I notice little or no difference to my M10R and M10M. Gordon
  10. To be realistic it’s all a little bit of marketing. Sites like DXO need clicks to stay running. And the information they present does need to be taken in context. A high sensor score is far from the be all and end all about a camera. Same as claims of the fastest shutter or biggest buffer made that have pages of conditions attached. P2P is the same. You’ve got to take the information provided in context of the conditions that the testing takes place. Whether a race car is faster than a 4 door sedan depends on whether you’re testing on a track or in peak hour traffic. So you can find a way to make a Mini faster than a formula 1 car if you want. That doesn’t make the information false or useless. It just means it’s not always relevant to all people all the time. For example P2P’s information isn’t relevant to me. I don’t equalise all my cameras to 8MP or compare them that way. I need pixel level findings. And I rarely shoot at really high ISO’s. So I ignore any DXO data on that. But I expect that some do find that information useful. For others it justify’s an expensive purchase, which is the stuff forums are built on. The M11 has an excellent sensor. Good news! So did the M10R, M10 and many many other cameras if you learn their strengths and weaknesses. Gordon
  11. When did Chess become a sport? It’s a game. Next thing solitaire re will be an extreme event. Gordon
  12. I can't think of a single thing where my M10R bests my M11. IMHO some of the *issues are much ado about nothing. I do occasionally shoot at 36MP. But mostly at either 60 or 18. The only reasons to do this are for smaller file sizes and a larger buffer burst. Otherwise you can do it in post and acheive near identical results. I do like setting things in camera though so it suits me. As far as IQ goes, I slightly prefer the colours of the M11. Purely personal preference. The M11 has *slightly* better DR when the files are equalised due to the BSI design but it's not enough to make a camera choice on. The M10R is a fine camera but I think, redundant if you have an M11. Gordon
  13. Not really though. Leica have been making lenses that are wider than the RF window for decades and attachments to use those lenses on an M for just as long. The M hasn't been an RF only camera since the '60's. The digital Visoflexes are by a long way, the smallest, lightest and easiest to use accessories of this type that Leica has ever made. Some of the older visoflexes, bellows and viewfinders (I'm looking at you Frankenfinder....) needed their own sherpa as part of the purchase. At least you don't have to dissasemble the lens to use the modern Visoflex. Personally I think the overrated award must go to the flashes. Gordon
  14. I don't know if they like external links here so I won't. There's a thread on the Fred Miranda Forums called "a 30 day project". Do a search for that in the Leica forum. Gordon
  15. Since the M type 240 it's been a 2mm allen key for both horizontal and vertical adjustment. Before that the vertical required a special tool (M8 and M9). Gordon
  16. My M11 isn't noticeably slower to shoot than my M10R. There's a bug that can slow shooting down but there's an easy way around it. The actual difference between then is only 1/100th of a second. The M10R BP is the more beautiful camera though!!! Gordon
  17. M's are hand assembled mechanical devices. That makes the mechanical bits less reliable and subject to issues. Sure it's annoying and common. Really annoying. It should also be expected. All small product run hand assembled goods are the same and mostly these are at the top end of the market. Mechanical watches. Italian sports cars. Leica cameras. It's just part of the ownership experience with hand assembled goods. I have no idea why anyone would expect anything assembled by hand to be anything else. Price is not and has never been, an indicator of reliability or functionality. Besides, it takes minutes to adjust a modern Leica RF. And it will drift, or be subject to a serious movement if you drop the camera. If you're in the middle of nowhere when it happens you can either sort it or whinge. Personally I think knowing how to adjust a RF should be a normal part of M ownership. My Leica bag has had a 2mm allen key and some thick wooden toothpicks in it for years. When a lens is out it's Leica being lazy. An RF is expected and common. Likely it left the factory fine and moved in shipping. You don't have to like it but I wouldn't return a camera because of it. A warranty centre should be able to sort it in a few days, if pushed. Gordon
  18. Had this on my M10 and M10R. It's infuriating. Gordon
  19. This certainly hasn't been an issue on my M11. I like the new coating. A couple of months in and the camera still looks as new. Gordon
  20. The new case was a dissapointment to me. I think Leica cheaped out there. They give you cases with lenses that you'll never use but for something that floats around in a bag getting bashed and crushed they changed to a 50 cent drawstring bag. It's pretty poor, at this price. I'll try @Photoworks suggestion above. That'll work for me. Now it'll just be my 020 that gets bashed around.... Gordon
  21. Is there a Leuca Asia Pacific. There's Leica Australia. Leica SIngapore. China has it's own agents, as does Japan. What does the Asia Pacific operation cover? I'd also be incredibly surprised that a six week Visoflex had no warranty, since a WORLDWIDE warranty sheet is in the box. I still have mine so I checked. For as long as I have been using Leica the warranty has been world wide. In many many cases, in Oz at least, equipment is sent to Germany for warranty inspection and repair. That includes all L mount here. Most M lenses are warrantied locally and film cameras as well. Gordon
  22. I think you'd find a cut price M wouldn't feel like an M either. It's feel like an XPro with no AF. What do they cut to lower the cost and still have the heft and build of an M? And, do people really see the SL2-S as the lower tier camera to the SL2? It's just the sensor that's different. Body and menus are identical. Likely there'll only be a single SL3 as it'll have the variable resolution of the M11. Gordon
  23. Why not just buy a XPro3? I have yet to see the new Swatch in person but on the web the discussion about whether it has dilluted the Omega brand are already happening. The same would happen with a "cheap" M. You only need to see the impressions the Summarit line of M lenses had, to see Leica won't go down that path again. Gordon
  24. There is no doubt you can get a different camera and get incredible photos. It is also true that some photographers are only interested in results and don't care about the camera. However I would suggest that most serious photographers do care as much about the experience as the results. In reality it's often the experience that is the ONLY differentiator between brands as most camera systems exceed the needs of most photographers. Therefore an M11 can never be replaced by an FP-L. Nor can an M10 be replaced by an XPro3. As a working photographer I could have done 95% of my client work with m43 and my clients would have never been the wiser. But I didn't. Sure I chose gear to get the job done but I also chose gear that I wanted to shoot with. It would have been easier for me just to consolodate to Sony for my professional and personal shooting. But SOny is the brand I enjoy least so I shoot with Leica and Fuji and Hasselblad. The Leica argument is the same thing as the arguments some photographers make for full frame over APSC or APSC over m43. There are certainly technical differences between brands but mostly any technical arguments for most shooters most of the time is a technical defense of an emotional decision. Just look at all the aguments about the people who think they *need* an A1 to take photos of their grandkids or the small yappy thing they take on holiday. Most of us are over gunned with gear. Places like this will have a higher proportion of people who benifit from faster, sharper, higher res etc, etc. But even here most don't need even 24MP let alone 60. No one *needs* a Noctilux or even a Summilux. A CV lens at f2 is probably more than most need. So why not just shoot m43 and the excellent Olympus/Panasonic glass? Camera systems DO influence how we approach our subjects though. Gear matters. Not as much as the tool 4 inches behind the viewfinder but we need gear to shoot with and the choice of that gear matters. Gear doesn't make better photos. It influences how we approach our subjects. You can shoot sports with a Q2. But it's not going to be as easy as with a Z9. Looking through an M does influence some photographers on how they approach a subject. Give the same photographer an M11 for an hour and an A7R4 for the next hour and an FP-L for an hour after that and there will be a difference. Perhaps a subtle one. But a difference, none the same. Someof us even shoot differently between a M10M and a M10R. As someone who has 6 brands and 9 systems that can shoot over 45MP, I can state catagorically that each system has a notcable effect on the images I take, how I approach a subject and the results. Because each systems strengths and weaknesses guides me to take different types of images from the others. I have a Hasselblad X1DII and a 907x. Exactly the same in every way but the viewfinder vs a flippy screen. Same sensor, lenses, speed, colour, menus. But they couldn't be more different to shoot with and the influence each one has on my photography is immediately obvious. Gear matters. Syaing that something like a FP-L and an M11 are equivalent also ignores the fact that photography at this level is un-necessary. It's aspirational. If we go to the basic premise that photography is to make a record then your phone will suffice. It does for the vast majority. But we're *photographers*. We aspire to something more. We hone our craft. Which means we narrow the range of tools we use to a more scalpel like approach and we aspire to have the *best*. Leica is an aspirational brand. Wanting a Leica one day, is a thing. And that's fine. Even many working photographer will stow an old/new M in the bottom of their bag. Not because they need it bur because they just want to have a Leica and want to have the Leica experience. What we do, as weekend warriors with a Leica, is pointless outside our little circle. Our photos aren't important, except to us. We do this because it's fun. Because it distracts or challenges. It exercises the mind and if you shoot landscapes or travel, the body. I'm lucky. I can afford any camera. But lots and lots of people really work hard to get an M and one lens. That's because it means something beyond just saving pixels to a memory card. So, with respect, I can not dissagree with your premise that an M11 and FP-L are equivalant at all. Gordon
  25. Well that's a shame. It's such a well known issue I would have thought Leica might fix it. It's going to catch out many M11 users and I wouldn't have thought Leica would want the negative feedback. The new features are nice but IMHO bug fixes like this are more important and should be given priority. Gordon
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