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  1. Leica M5 with an upgraded M6 viewfinder. Elmarit 28 v3.
  2. I like the silver skin, but in bright sunny light it really shines! I wanted the black X2 but in sweden the X-E is way cheaper.
  3. I did the same one week ago! I love the camera, i'm using it all manual like my film Leicas. I have owned the M-E but i like the X-E more!
  4. I have the Olympus vf 2! The sony is a OVF.
  5. Hi! Will the Sony FDA-V1K viewfinder work on Leica X2? Are there any special design jada jada jada that sony made so that it doesnt work with other cameras? (i have found a used one cheap). Thank you!
  6. Hi! I did the "mistake" of trying the Leica T with a Leica M lens, great combo! I have a question, if i zone focus a 35mm lens on the Leica T will the marks on the lens be accurate even with the 1.5 crop? Thanks!
  7. Nice! I bought a new Leica M-E in december 2015 for just $3300. Great camera.
  8. So there are no serial numbers that are safe or high risk? I have a late M-E.
  9. How do i know if i need to change the sensor?
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