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  1. My vote would be for the following lenses: - 50 Elmar f3.5; works great, makes your camera so compact, classic. Adjusting aperture is odd with that little dinky tab, but hey - 35 Summaron f3.5; excellent little lens. - 28 Voigtlander f3.5 Color Skopar; yes, it's a more modern lens, etc. etc...but it's amazingly sharp yet not clinical. Mine is in silver and actually blends in quite nicely so I don't feel I've somehow violated the 'antique ethos'...I bought my iiif to use, and it's not a concours race car restoration where you lose points for not having an NOS fan belt.... Su
  2. I agree with Jaapv and my analogy for this whole 'scene' would be the concours car market. It's ridiculous to assume that one would find a mint, fully functioning, all original 80 year old car. What IS important is that it is completely up to exact original specification...and that it actually works. Sometimes they have to make replacement parts because none exist...no one screams "But it's not original!!". I think this idea that every old camera needs to be a museum piece, never opened or touched, to be worth something is a bit over the top. I don't, however, agree with modifications to make
  3. I purchased my M9 new in late 2011; still have the original sensor...it may have a few spots here and there but nothing to worry about thus far.
  4. I'm wondering if they'll ever offer the Fotos App for the iPad
  5. Thanks everyone - WLAN is off in the menu, my sleep mode is set to go on at 2 minutes, i never have the screen come on after a photo is taken. I'm typically walking around downtown, for several hours, but the camera is in sleep for a lot of that. Maybe firing off 25-50 shots. I just know its life seems about half what I get from my M9, and of course not even in the ballpark of the 240. I'll do some experiments and get back to everyone.
  6. I couldn't find a thread on this topic, maybe I was searching incorrectly (so please don't chastise me...). While I know that the M10 battery is smaller than the 240, I have found my battery life to be really (really) short. And I have two batteries; they're both the same bad performance, and both genuine Leica batteries. Never had this issue with the M9, nor with the 240 (which admittedly has a big battery). Note that I don't use live view, and my screen is set so it only displays pics when I ask, vs. immediately after taking a pic. I also am not firing off pics in rapid sequence, nor am I ta
  7. Thanks to Jono for another excellent review. I must admit to being of two minds these days when it comes to any Leica release: excitement, and then fatigue because so many people get angry about the absence of their personal hoped-for list of features which have been circulating back and forth on forums like this. This can even include wanting M releases which will provide many of those things in a DSLR, such as AF, 30 fps burst mode, higher megapixel sensors, and so forth. As though we're all waiting for an M to no longer be an M, and ignoring the fact that Leica has many other offerings. My
  8. Quick question - I've removed the red dot and have the 2mm hex key for the obvious hex screw there; is it simply a matter of turning the screw or should one push and turn it at the same time...what I'm getting at here is that the RF mechanism is spring-loaded and moves in and out when. I just don't want to force anything I'm not supposed to. I'm thinking things will be greatly improved for me when I can get the horizontal nailed, that's what is contributing to my difficulty reaching sharp focus visually.
  9. Jon Pop

    thumb support

    I've had no issues with my Leica M10 thumb grip; it slides in quite snug. I bought mine used because I think the full retail on those things is ridiculous. That being said, I'll probably get the Thumbie; I've had one on my M9 for years and it's never come off, has brassed nicely, a really great piece of kit.
  10. Thanks Jaapv! This is super helpful. It's only slightly out, but enough to annoy me because it's not the exact same as my other M cams...I'm still taking good shots with the M10. It wasn't like this when I got it, but seems to have drifted a hair. I started noticing it during my last trip (maybe it got bumped or something, though I'm pretty careful...who knows). In any event, DAG is someone I trust (price is reasonable...more importantly he said he'd only take a week), so I'll likely go that route.
  11. It's not that I'm "this uncertain", it's that I've heard so many descriptions of vertical and horizontal (and some of them conflicting I might add), so I wanted to clarify my own situation by giving a real world example of what I'm experiencing, as to which adjustment pertains to what. I'd prefer to not remove the red dot if I don't have to. I also wanted to know if it is also a hex key now behind the red dot post 240, or a screwhead, etc. I might send it to DAG (I'm in North America) simply because I don't want to wait 4 months for a straightforward tweak. But I was curious...naturally
  12. This has been a great thread to follow, as well as the links to the other RF self-adjust threads (i.e. Julian's). I'm going to embarrass myself here, but please be gentle. I've been shooting Leica for years, and focusing successfully...I just don't know how to do the adjustments on an M (I have done it on my iiif and iiig....). I get confused about when people are talking about the vertical vs. horizontal adjustment, as to what is vertical vs. horizontal in relation to what's happening in the RF patch. What I can tell you is that with my M10, when I'm focused at infinity (with a 28, 3
  13. DAG sold me an eyecup for my iiiG that was basically a mod of the holder for diopter lenses which slides onto the iiiG eyepiece. It works great - except that the grooves in the iiiG eyepiece are very shallow and when carrying the camera when it bumps against my hip (which is inevitable; I take very good care of my camera however just walking with it slung over or even carrying in front means some movement...), it cracked off the edge of the eyepiece. What I'm waiting for - and throwing out the challenge to the 3D printer folks out there because I don't have the skills but it would be eas
  14. I've used my 90 C f4 on my M9, 240 (when I had it), and now also M10, coded as the 90f4 11634 and it works great. The only advantage I see to coding isn't so much the retrospective EXIF data but to save me the trouble of forgetting, especially if I was last using a 28. Wlaidlaw is right about the amount of effect. Good little lens; a bit light on contrast but so incredibly inexpensive.
  15. DAG camera has had the diopter lens holders for the iiif etc. on occasion; you might want to check with him.
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