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  1. I had the Asph Summilux 24 mm F1.4 traded for a Asp Summicron F2... It works great for portrait with little distortion and no need for an additional viewfinder. The 28 mm is lot less weight in your camera bag compare to the 21 or 24 Asp Summilux Here is a shot taken at F2 with the 28 mm LFI Gallery: Bild anklicken, um das Fenster zu schließen!
  2. The contacts are still facing down but it is flip side from what we were use to!
  3. Brent it is reverse from the M8, M9, M9-P and The M Monochrom ..... After more than a month with my X Vario I do not even think about it anymore
  4. cam2000

    A used XV already?

    Congratulations Brent..... Let us know your review!
  5. David I read your review and pictures and fully agree and appreciated your article.....
  6. Brent I use LR5 with NIK plugins
  7. Brent I have mine since the introduction in June and have really no regrets...... I strongly suggest you get the handle for better stability, for speedier process a SDHC 95mb read or write card it makes a big difference. If like me you shoot DNG, only use the smallest JPG version 1.8mp that also speeds up the process. The colours are accurate with excellent sharpness....... I hope when they release a newer firmware that it will be possible to set the auto slowest speed to higher than 1/30 (auto ISO settings) i am still waiting for the lens hood to arrive. I also work with a M9-P and
  8. I have put some sample pictures of the X Vario http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/other/288827-leica-x-vario-photos.html#post2431003 http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/other/288827-leica-x-vario-photos.html#post2432536 http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/other/288827-leica-x-vario-photos.html#post2433227
  9. This will be my last picture to give a chance to others to post there findings with the X Vario. This morning I wanted to test the auto white balance on the camera..... this shot was taken under the kitchen pantry lit by fluorescents. The specs are: ISO 800, F4.5, 1/60 and zoom set the equivalent of 38mm handheld.
  10. Feudal1 I am happy with the results.... Leica wanted to create a camera that was not intended for sports coverage or many nighttime handheld shots.... What they did build is a camera that has a great color sensor with a very sharp zoom lens adapted to awell finished body.... I would not compare this to a point and shoot...this camera is in the line of Leica's traditional high quality glass.
  11. Here is another example of the sensor and lens rapport..... the original file show you what a portion look like. ISO 100, 1/250, F8 set at 46mm or equivalent to 70mm in 35mm format.
  12. I just bought this camera yesterday..... take the time to familiarize yourself and it will reward you with excellent pictures. I also work with my M9-P and the M Monochrom All the details of this picture is in the meta tags
  13. I know it will sound like commercial! I think Jean Bardaji deserve praise for his outstanding service towards his loyal customers. After attending the Leica Academy in Montreal (October the 20th, 2012) I really liked the new Leica M Monochrom and placed an order. We are two months later and still no MM..... My dealer phoned me to say he had tried the impossible to get me one and he new I was counting on it for my up-coming trip! Jean Bardaji the owner of Camtec photo made me a great offer knowing how disappointed I felt, he is offering me free of charge a used black M9-P to take along
  14. Yesterday I had time to use the Leica M Monochrom during the Leica Academie in Montreal, QC All the shots were taken with my Noctilux F1...... extremely happy with this camera! Process in CS6 with NIK Silver Pro 2
  15. Beautiful contrasts and composition of all the elements.....
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