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  1. Thanks comte_de_mazan , that is a great shot , and the portra has a really nice look to it regards
  2. This may sound like an odd question does anyone have any sample shots of the new portra 160 with images taken in the middle east or desert ? im going to libya at the end of the month and im taking my m6 as well as my digital gear i usually use fuji provia but the price is a bit high , thought id give colour neg a shot Thanks
  3. I think it was on the gallery page
  4. I just noticed a competition over at http://www.iloverangefinders.com to win 10 rolls of portra if you send your best rangefinder pics Anyone know of any other competitions where film is the prize ? The price of provia has gone up quite a bit , and im not too keen on ektar even though it is quite cheap compared to.
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