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  1. Can not go wrong with Dag, he does all my Leica work.
  2. Love the black Leicaflex! I have one in chrome that I will be sending to DAG after the holidays.
  3. My advice is to have a CLA by someone who knows what they are doing. One stop shopping, no worries.
  4. Here is one of mine. Black SL with 35mm f2.8 Elmarit R lens.
  5. I forgot to mention the silver Elmarit R lenses are also very desirable to those of us who use and collect Leicaflex cameras. Thanks for posting the photo of them.
  6. In some collector circles a Black Leicaflex Standard or a chrome SL2 is very desirable. I would love to have both!
  7. Picked up a black Leicaflex body last month on eBay. Meter works and clean viewfinder. I will be sending it to DAG soon.
  8. I fully agree with LeicaR10, in the past two years Don has CLA, replaced a prism in my Leicaflex SL MOT and added a second cam to my 35mm Elmarit R lens. First class work all the way through. I did not have to wait a long time for the work to be done. In my opinion it is better to wait and have the job done correctly and by the best.
  9. I just received a black SL a couple of days ago. I will be getting the shutter speed checked this week. Paid $66 for the body, hard to believe you can get a Leica for this price. This is my third SL, what a fantastic camera, bright viewing screen, controls where the need to be and great looking. I was a Nikon F user for over thirty five years, the SL gets used the most. My system consists of a 35mm f2.8, 50mm f2 and 90mm f2.8, all version one lenses. I have wanted one for over twenty five years, two years I won the bid on a SL MOT. Last year I send it to DAG for a CLA. Camera work like a
  10. Hello, What is the part number for the slip on lens cap for the 90mm f2.8 Elmarit R lens, version 1? Thank you, Cary Retired Industrial/Scientific Photographer BFA Brooks Institute of Photography
  11. I also think a couple of lenses for your grandson would be great. Pentax lenses are a bargain, perfect for someone starting photography.
  12. My mistake I got the Leicaflex Standard for $45.
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