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  1. Sarah, I bought my M9 (and lens) second-hand from a very reputable dealer (RG Lewis) in London - it was mint, boxed, complete and only three months old and, most importantly, had a full warranty. I saved myself £1,000, a not inconsiderable sum. I'd never have bought secondhand unless it was from a Leica dealer to be honest, there's too much at stake. I'd also make sure that it's boxed, complete with all the packaging, cables etc, just in case you need to sell it on - that way you'll get a decent price.
  2. Thanks all Novoflex still do the adapters, for about £140, which seem like an awful lot of money for what looks like a big pain in the bum. I think I'll save those lenses for when I use the FM2! K
  3. Can it be done, and if so, who makes/sells the best F-to-M mount adapters? The reason I ask is because I've got some great old lenses I used to use on my FM2 (a lovely f1.4 50mm Nikkor foremost among them). I've also got an old Sigma 1.28 28-70mm ASPH and Nikkor 1.4 70-300m but I'm not sure they'd be useable on an RF camera? Anyone tried using F-mounts of the kind just mentioned on their M9? What were the results like? Is it worth investing in an adaptor? Thanks in advance K
  4. Hi all Being new to the M9 I tend, on the whole, to shoot on Apeture Priority - it give me a bit more confidence as I only have to worry about focusing and apeture. In certain situations I do of course set the ss manually on occasion - particularly when the subject is fast moving (eg water). On Sunday night, as I was shooting, another M9 user told me I "shouldn't be doing that". Now I've no idea whether he was trying to be helpful (albeit in a very clumsy way) or whether he was just being a pompous ass. What does everyone else think? Is using AP the mark of a rank amateur? Sh
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I've gone for the Heavystar solution as the Leica 12585 seems quite expensive secondhand! K My Flickr page: Flickr: The_Kevster's Photostream Please be gentle, I'm very new to RF photography!
  6. Afternoon all Bit of a stupid question this: I have an old (1986 I think) Summicron 50 - one of the Canadian ones - on my M9. As it's stark bollock naked apart from its lens cap I wanted to get a lens hood for it - both for reasons of protection and preventing glare and flare - anyone got any suggestions as to what's a good one to get (without breaking the bank too much!). And what's the best type? Collapsible? Petal? Conical? Etc? Thanks in advance K My Flickr page: Flickr: The_Kevster's Photostream Please be gentle, I'm very new to RF photography!
  7. Thanks Andy, will be in the area on Thursday so I will pay them a visit. K
  8. M-ster, I do often have probs seeing the split images in the viewfinder, especially if I use my left eye (as I sometimes prefer to). The more I use the camera the better I get, but would like my hit rate to get better. I also end up missing stuff because I'm faffing about focussing, so anything that helps me get quicker (again, I know practice will help immeasurably) would be highly useful. The K-ster
  9. Afternoon everyone I've been using an M9 with a 50 Summicron for just under a month now. I occasionally have problems focussing, (pictures sometimes aren't as sharp as they should be) partly I think 'cause I'm as blind as a bat and wear glasses. Quick question - would a 1.25 magnifier help? Worth popping into a dealer to try one? Thanks K
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone, most useful. MyPublisher looks very nice, although shipping costs to the UK add a fair bit to the bill. Going to try Blurb first off, will let you know what I think. K
  11. Morning all For a number of years now I've been making photo books for friends and family (my Mum absolutely loves them). Usually I've used the book-printing service in iPhoto on the Mac. However, now that I've got an M9, I'm wondering if it's time (or possible) to up the ante in terms of print, paper and binding quality. Anyone know of any services that are better than Apple's? I was in the Mayfair shop last week and had a look at the last Leica Forum charity book - I was impressed with the quality. I understand this was produced by Blurb - has anyone used them? Any good or bad r
  12. Rob, the M9 is really, really addictive. Am going to venture out (well, have obtained "permission" to go out ) very shortly to shoot some more. I think Leica is very much a "heart over head" thing as we all know there are more versatile cameras and systems out there... You will find - providing you like the sound - the LP12 is massively addictive. I guess in TT terms it's a bit like Leica, very "Marmite", you either love it or hate it. Personally I love it - I know there are "better", more "accurate" decks out there, and I am aware that the LP12 is criticised for being "coloured" but I lov
  13. Yuk! That's ruining a perfectly gorgeous looking camera... I think with the exception of the M9 Titan, every limited or "special" edition Leica I've seen has been horrible - vulgar jewellery for bankers, status symbols for dodgy dictators, or for collectors to keep in safes. Leica is one of the world's greatest brands, but I'm always puzzled as to why they risk damaging their reputation with this kind of pointless crap (even if said crap is highly profitable). Kevin
  14. I used Photo Rescue a couple of days ago - excellent results. Very easy to use, can be downloaded simply to Macs or Windows machines. You can "try before you buy" too. Only costs about $29.
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