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  1. I just received Andrew's bracket. It's very well crafted and fits perfectly, so if you're interested I strongly recommend. Thanks again, Andrew.
  2. More info from DPR - https://www.dpreview.com/news/9340186403/panasonic-announces-lumix-s-70-300mm-f4-5-5-6-macro-for-l-mount?utm_source=self-desktop&utm_medium=marquee&utm_campaign=traffic_source
  3. More info at https://www.panasonicff.com/?s=Lumix+S+70-300mm US price looks to be $1247, released in April.
  4. Vieri Bottazzini, a member here and former SL user, wrote the following review of the P0 head back in 2016. https://www.vieribottazzini.com/2016/08/arca-swiss-p0-monoball-review.html
  5. Hey Joe, Sorry to hear that you've sold your SL2/lenses, but the X1D is no slouch. I hope you're still getting some good use out of your Makita et al during these times. I'm still using those Xumes that you had suggested. Thanks again. Phil
  6. I purchased my SL2 from the online store, no problems whatsoever. I ordered it and they shipped it the next day. It was during the time when no dealers had any stock and one just happened to appear at the online store, which they did occasionally.
  7. It should be compatible as Epson has posted a driver for 10.15.x. https://epson.com/Support/Scanners/Perfection-Series/Epson-Perfection-V700-Photo/s/SPT_B11B178011
  8. The LET/LER is for the SL, not the LEM/LER.
  9. No... You will first have to scroll to 'Lens Profile' in the menu, and then the R lenses become visible and you will need to set which lens you're using. From then on it will show the last R lens that had been set. You don't even need a lens attached to the adapter, as the adapter activates the menu for R lenses, which you can then set for whatever lens you want. If you change the R lens then you will need to change it in the 'Lens Profile' menu. it is not automatic.
  10. Very odd... Well, I use the Novoflex LET/LER adapter with no problems, and it's a lot 'less' expensive than the Leica version, so maybe that's you're only answer.
  11. Have you tried the following? Setting the lens type manually ▸ Select Camera Information in the main menu ▸ Select Lens Profiles ▸ Select M-Lenses or R-Lenses
  12. Raw Power has been upgraded to 3.0.
  13. FYI, there is a new Hawking website coming, which should have gone live on 14th March (2nd anniversary of his death), but under the circumstances, well...
  14. Ah, Wipr, which blocks ads, trackers, cryptocurerncy miners, etc was the culprit, which is weird because it has never blocked the page from loading before. Maybe with the new updates, it's responding differently. Thanks to all for chiming in.
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