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  1. Many thanks to all. I am glad to learn that it was updated by Leica.
  2. Thank you all very much. So if I get it right; it was originally an IF camera that was upgraded to a IIIF. Does that mean that they took over the IF serial number onto the new topplate? My camera does have a range/view finder! May thanks to all who tried to help me. Much appreciated! Hans
  3. Hi, Can someone please help me with my IIIF camera? I cannot find out whether this is a true IIIF camera or a conversion. It has a selftimer, and a Black dial. Shutterspeeds are B,25,50,75,100,200,500,100 and at the front1,2,5,25,15,10.. The engraving is Leica DBP ErnstLeitz GMBH Wetzlar Germany, SN 673034. This seems to be a leica IF according to what I found on the Internet. I hope someone can help. Many thanks! Hans
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