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  1. First proper portrait with my CL. Made with the sigma 56mm F1.4. Got it as a birthday gift and very pleased with the quality. This is from an avid Fuji X-pro user.
  2. Beautiful pictures and a lovely clean layout. Thank you.
  3. Thomas, thank you for sharing such wonderful images. Simply stunning!
  4. sandyfaf

    Alex Reilly

    D-Lux 5 Pictures
  5. Slightly off topic, sorry. I was looking at the Leica store Mayfair online price list and came across a case that I can't find anywhere on the web, never know it might be what you are looking for, if we get to see it! D-lux 5 leather case and wrist strap. £90 Described as NEW product July 2011 price list. ETA: product number 18752
  6. You will love it, I've been using a dl5 for a couple of months now and am amazed with it. The custom settings have proved to be very handy. Alex.
  7. Hi there, first post on here but I have just returned from a trip to New York on the QM2 and in the camera shop onboard they had a V-Lux 20 and an X1 for sale. None of them were branded QM2. Oh and none of them tempted me, I'm very happy with my D-Lux 5. Alex.
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