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  1. Ron, yes firmware 3.2 contains the necessary drivers for SF 60 and SFC 1; won't work without it.
  2. This is a 22mm flower shot with the 100mm APO-Macro-Elmarit-R with the Elpro attachment at 1:1; the SF 40 flash with the included diffuser
  3. Can't get the R lens in EXIF either; not sure why it won't show up since it's already entered...
  4. The Novoflex R to SL/T adapter has worked just fine for me. I can manually enter the lens in menu so I doubt I will be purchasing the Leica R to SL adapter.
  5. And just in case you like bugs... Same setup, APO 100mm with APO 2x extender
  6. Since you are thinking about jewelry I'll show you this. This is with the APO-100mm-R coupled with the APO 2x extender-R which gives you 1:1 There are also a myriad of Visoflex Macro options to use with the Novoflex Visoflex SL adapter for a lot less money than the APO 100mm
  7. I'm just calling it a conjoined adapter because I have forgotten what it is really called. Got them on eBay many years ago, but quite handy as you can keep 2 M lenses back-to-back. I was inches away from buying the Peak Design bag but it started to look big to me; what do you think? I bought everything else they make .
  8. I've been having pretty good success with the Billingham Hadley Pro if I need to carry everything. -SL w/ 24-90mm Vario-Elmarit -APO-Elmarit 180mm f3.4 w/APO-2x Extender -65mm Elmar-V with Novoflex Visolex-M adapter, 3 extension tubes, Elpro 2 & Elpro 3 -Summicron M 35mm & 50mm on conjoined adapter in 1 front pocket -Microfiber cloths and remote shutter cable in other front pocket -extra battery and ND, Polarizing filters in back pocket Quite heavy but it all fits No space for a laptop, perhaps an iPad though
  9. SL 65mm Elmar-V, extension tubes
  10. SL w/visoflex bellows and Rodenstock enlarger lens ISO 12500, because handheld in very poor light. I'm going to have to devise a new flash system for this!
  11. Trying some macro Visoflex II, Leitz Bellows 2, 65mm Elmar 3.5 lens-head [handheld]
  12. hsw


    NYC on the street M9 35mm Summicron I was trying to make a shot about smoking and she turned around at just the right moment - Bang!
  13. Graduation in May. I will try to make it a priority to meet you this time!
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