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  1. Now that's how to catch a fish splendidly photographed. John Basso.
  2. Rodrique. A very beautiful macro shot which captured this colour in glorious detail. John Basso.
  3. Very nice images.John Basso.
  4. Excellent capture of these birds flying above the ferboten castle. John Basso.
  5. Love this wonderful photo of this gorgeous swan Bravo John Basso.
  6. Hello Everyone. Here is yet another photo of last weeks escape to one of my favourite parks around the Don Valley Wetlands here in Toronto. Thanks for watching:John Basso.
  7. Hello Everyone. Last week a glorious fall day here in Toronto made me drive to one of my favourites:The Charles Sauriol Memorial Conservation. Here is one of the many shots I've taken. Thanks for watching .John Basso.
  8. Thanks for your comment. You must understand that this beautiful lady was a distraction .However as I composed my self I took a few more shots .Here is one which some chocolate display. John Basso
  9. Hello Everyone. Last week on a trip to the country side ,I visited a fabulous chocolate store .The products were yummy. At the cash register this charming Lady with the beautiful smile served the customers with great attention .How could you not come back again to that? Of course you will.Greetings; John Basso.
  10. I photographed this in a conservation park around the Orangeville area in Ontario .John Basso.
  11. Lovely shots.I particularly like the water lily. With its rich colours. John Basso.
  12. Hello Everyone. Photographed this in one of the conservation parks in Orangeville ,Ontario.Thanks for watching .Greetings: John Basso.
  13. Hello There. Bremner Blvd is on the South side of Rogers Centre,Home of the Blue Jays. Thanks for looking.John Basso
  14. A very well composed shot with vg colour and sharpness:John Basso.
  15. Hello There. It seems to me , that this flower was resting in the arms of it's surrounding foliage. Thanks for watching: Joh Basso
  16. Hello Stuart. A very good rendition of these majestic buildings catching the morning light,John Basso.
  17. Hello . I shot this photo in 2011,while visiting the medieval town of Zutphen in the province of Gelderland in The Netherlands,This is one of the oldest City's in the country.Thanks for watching,John Basso.
  18. Hello Everybody. I visited this medieval town in 2011.Its one of the oldest towns in Holland and its great for tourist's .About 300AD a Germanic settlement was the first permanent on a complex of low river dunes. Many of those type of settlements where abandoned ,but Zutphen stayed because it was on a strategic crosspoint of the river: IJssel & Berkel.It further developed under Charlemagne's Francia.A big defensive wall was build around the city ,to protect against the viking attacks. Greetings: John Basso.
  19. Hello Everyone. Shot this a few weeks ago @ my rooftop garden.Thanks for watching:John Basso.
  20. Hello Iduna. You photographed this site very well indeed.I always have been attracted to these wonderfull architectural buildings.Be hard to do this design now. Greetings: John Basso.
  21. Iduna,This is a great shot with fabulous colours ,lights and shadows .Bravo: John Basso.
  22. David I like this photo very much.It has great light composition and the verity of colours:John Basso.
  23. Hello Albert. It is a very nice home indeed.I can see you be happy together at such a place:John Basso.
  24. A very good dramatic shot.John Basso.
  25. What a wonderful image Bravo:John Basso.
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