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  1. I have both an SL2 and an FP-L. The SL2 is great as a studio camera but way too heavy to carry around for long (i do strength training at a gym 2-3 times a week but I’ve found that a heavy camera or bag over one shoulder will eventually cause pain… and my physical therapist has pointed this out too!). The FP-L is a fantastic landscape camera (the resolution gives it a big advantage over the SL2) but it isn’t any good for interior shots in the evening due to the damn rolling shutter effect interacting with LED lights. Hiking with the FP-L would be fine as long as it was in a bag like the Peak D
  2. Thread is TL;DR but here’s my take on it. It all depends on film and processing available to you. I used to shoot film all the time when I was in Los Angeles and could run down to get my Velvia E6 (RIP) developed at the Icon on Wilshire Boulevard for world class developing*. I moved to the NYC area and everyone said use Duggal. The results were terrible. Much more grain and questionable colors. I tried a few more times. I thought it was the film but I had a project to do so I went back to Los Angeles and used film and the Icon again. Nope, still 100%. That said, even with the highest qu
  3. Update. I also picked up a Peak Design 6L today. I would NOT use that for Q2s. it is way too big. They fit in 3L as if they were supposed to. There is way too much room in the 6L and the Q2s would knock about in it (You could probably stick three in). I have put two Ms and a couple of lenses in the 6L (yes, an embarrassment of riches). Batteries easily fit in the external compartments. If I bring a tripod, I’ll be attaching it on the outside.
  4. Never mind. Went to a camera store and got one. Two Q2s with hoods easily fit in the 3L.
  5. I haven’t been back to this thread for a while, but I’m still enjoying both cameras. It may have been a mistake to buy the M10R and M10M before buying these as I’ve barely touched them. I have rediscovered why I always loved 28mm lenses, something that was my signature in the 2000s when I had my Contax G kit but that stopped when I moved to the NYC area and couldn’t find any good E6 developers. I am also using my Sigma FP-L a bit. Although it’s crazy fiddly, the added resolution over the Ms is significant and, when it works, it has no parallel. I’m afraid that for all the talk about how the M’
  6. I don't use fluorescent lighting but the FP-L is unusable with indoor LED lighting. The lack of resolution on the FP is a deal-breaker for me. The resolution on the FP is fantastic and pairs well with the Sigma primes.
  7. Would there be any hope of fitting two Q2 bodies in a Peak 3L sling?
  8. I love the Visoflex. It’s elegant and simple to use. I love the ability to flip it up for photos I take low down. For a monochrome camera, it’s invaluable. Hold a filter in front to see what it does and you will likely be a convert.
  9. This is really quite bizarre, but on my last two trips it has been Sigma FP-L, 24-70 (rarely used and rarely brought outside the hotel), mainly 45mm f 2.8, 65mm f 2.38, and 85mm f 1.4 (also have the 35 and 24 but don't bring them usually) Q2 Mono and Q2 I also have an M10-R and M10-M which I bought before the Qs and an SL2. An embarrassment of riches. The SL2 is too heavy for me to take outside the studio. The M10-R and M10-M, love them though I do, just don't get picked up the way the other cameras do. When I am on my own, sure. But when I am with family and they don't have t
  10. I thought I should mention that I put the second, thoroughly unused FP-L in the classifieds section of this site.
  11. I can’t imagine using the camera without the EVF. I wish it was integrated into the body. But hey, that’s just me.
  12. Since there was no way to buy a new EVF in May and my damaged EVF had to be sent to Japan and back, I bought a second FP-L with EVF so I could use that EVF. Now I have an unused FP-L and a brand new EVF plus a battery charger. Time to sell that. I don’t need a second FP-L.
  13. A brand new EVF came in the mail from Sigma and since I complained about the need to remove it to charge a battery, they gave me a free battery charger. Kudos to them. Now I have an unused FP-L and brand new EVF that I will have to put on eBay.
  14. Was so excited about the Wotancraft Ryker. But it’s discontinued.
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