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  1. First on the list for a silver body at my local camera store.
  2. No display. They’ve gone full D from the start.
  3. Waiting patiently for my local Leica store (NOT a Leica store... I don't like buying from them as that is like purchasing from Amazon or B&H... it damages the remaining infrastructure of local camera stores) to get stock. I'm #1 on the list for a silver camera and have been on the list since before the announcement. It took a month to get my M10-R.
  4. The original poster is advised not to buy the camera. It will be better that way.
  5. I have basically stopped using my SL2 since I got the FP-L and then the GFX100S. A lot of this “processing power can’t keep up” talk mystifies me. If people are willing to pay Leica prices for cameras and lenses, surely buying a contemporary computer like an M1 MacBook Pro is a smaller price to pay for speed? I don’t have any issues with the GFX100S files either speed wise or storage wise. I’m very much looking forward to an SL3 that would resolve at the level of the FP-L while, in all other respects, would be a better camera. While I’m at it, just in case anyone is listening, why not an SL3 Mono? This is something that Leica does not have in its lineup and it puzzles me.
  6. Mainly pointless, although he did point out that the surface scratches easily and that it feels like sandpaper. Both have been confirmed elsewhere.
  7. Definitely NOT my next camera. I expect the M11M, the Q3, Q3M, and SL3 to come first and maybe even an upgrade for my GFX100S to something absolutely bonkers.
  8. Sad that it’s so much less attractive than the old Visoflex. Well I only need one until the M11 monochrome appears.
  9. As long as I can disable the extra loud artificial shutter sound, I'll be fine.
  10. I'm not sure how the Q-P renders differently than the Q2, but my experience is that the Q2 and M10R (as opposed to M9 or even M240) have much better colors that the Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T3. That said, the Fuji GFX 100S is a significant enough bump up in resolution that I'm doing most of my photography with it. As for jpeg, I do produce jpegs as sidecars, but I can't imagine limiting myself to out of the camera shots, RAW forever.
  11. I am also interested in the best book printer. Any more high end versions? I could easily spend $1,000 for a copy of the book I'd like to print, potentially more.
  12. First time I ever heard of M10 as vintage.
  13. And thank the gods it isn't a pro tool. Pretty much all pro tools are garbage since they are made for amateurs who want to feel professional by using an app. Yes, go figure! I've been in trouble for criticizing Leica too much on this forum before, so forgive me that I am a bluntly spoken person, but Leica's Fotos tool just works. Unlike my other "pro camera" tools like the garbage that Fuji uses. I have yet to have a completely successful session Fuji's awful ios apps and my GFX100s. Whereas Fotos is clean, easy to use and works. As you said, to be honest you need to take this seriously. Then again, the OP never came back. Probably a troll.
  14. I see what you mean for a majority of photographers. For most everyone, an iPhone or Pixel is perfect and when they die, their photos will be swept into the void. But a very small number of people own cameras like the Leica M and the thought of owning an M without intending to make prints is just mind-boggling.
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