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  1. prunelle

    Paris, métro, October 17th, 2011

    I can understand that you don't like the photo but how dare you say that these people are unappealing? And who are you to despise others? So, only "appealing" people should be photographed? Anyway, what is "appealing"? If you consider yourself a photographer, you should also consider tossing away any idea of judgement regarding your potential subjects. That said, I must thank you for this; now I know where I stand: far away from the current aestheticism in photography, where photos must be "appealing" instead of sincere. What you meant is that I should have photographed these "unappealing" people in a way that make them look appealing. I'm glad I didn't and I hope I never will. Goodbye.
  2. prunelle

    A Guide to Digital M photography.

    What about this book: Leica M Digital Photography: M8/8.2/M9 - Brian Bower - Google Livres?
  3. prunelle

    Paris, métro, October 17th, 2011

    Out of focus by guesswork M3 Summaron f2.8/35mm Ilford FP4 plus
  4. prunelle

    New comer to the Photography

    #4 is my favourite. And, about the last photo: beware the vertical lines!
  5. prunelle

    How do you cary around your rangefinder?

    I just bought myself this one: Betty's bag by Urban Factory Betty's bag by Urban Factory_2 It cost me 19 € and it's perfect for my M3. Okay, it's for the ladies...
  6. prunelle

    Rumoured B&W _ONLY_ digital M

    That would be a bold move, a b&w only sensor, no LCD display... I just wonder if it wouldn't be a bit suicidal. I wouldn't buy it anyway; my M3 already has a b&w sensor and no LCD display.
  7. prunelle

    LUF Members on 500px

    I left 500px some time ago but eventually came back to it. This is my page: 500px / Anne Schmidt / Photos.
  8. prunelle

    September 11th, 2011

    Hi, I'm more interested in how and what you feel in front of these photos, rather than in what you think about them. Your emotions or the lack of them, that of sort of things. Thank you. M3 Summaron f2.8/35mm Kodak BW400CN
  9. prunelle

    Email notifications don't work

    That's what wasn't working for me: I was getting one notification per post, even if I didn't check the first I received. Back from work, I found my inbox flooded with 30, and sometimes more, notifications for the same thread.
  10. prunelle

    Email notifications don't work

    This never worked for me. I turned down any kind of notifications because I was getting one each time someone posted something, whatever the thread.
  11. prunelle

    is this a good deal for an M3?

    300 US$ for both the body and the lens? To my eyes, it's not a fair price, it's a bargain! These people don't know what they are selling. Leica M Mount Camera Price and Information Guide Leica M Mount Lens Guide
  12. prunelle


    Okay, I'm stupid and you're intelligent.
  13. prunelle


    Okay, nobody seem to understand that it will be the same price whether I give them 41 negatives or 410 or 1000...
  14. prunelle


    Thank you for your advice. I can't give them only two negatives to scan; it would cost me 46 € (200Mo files in 16 bits)!!! I must give them more than 41 negatives if I want to pay "only" 32,50 €. The more negatives I give them, the less the cost per negative.
  15. prunelle


    The idea is giving all the photos I took in one year to the lab for scanning. It should be about 36 x 12 = 432 negatives minimum to be scanned for 22 € (32 in 16 bits). Do I need 16 bits scans for b&w photos?