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  1. New Delhi, Kodachrome conversion, Nikon FM2, 50MM
  2. Leica MP, HP5+, HC 110 Dil B
  3. Interesting because of what’s not there. Where are the stars, what’s the arrow pointing at, what letters are missing. Could go on.
  4. Wonderful photo. Gives me an idea for a complete gallery.
  5. Queensland, 2013, Tmax 400 in D76, Leica M6 50mm summicron
  6. Terrific on all counts. What developer?
  7. Hh HP5+ D76 1:1 Leica MP 50mm sumicron
  8. Sandisfield, Massachusetts MP, 50MM Summicron, Tmax 400, D76
  9. Leica MP, 35 mm Summilux, Tmax 400, D76
  10. Leica MP, 35mm Summilux (I think), TMax 400, D76
  11. Have you seen what "Moonrise over Hernandez" looked like when it came out of Ansel Adams's camera versus the result we all know? Adams saw the first with his eyes and the second with his imagination. Either can be defended as not fake. My vote would go for your second image. Superb.
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