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  1. With the beautiful rise in quality ISO of current cameras, a little slower lenses do not pose a problem of light. If you want a shallow depth of field, that's another thing ... Guytou
  2. I have the Leica grip and thumb rest as well as the Artisan & Artist half-case which has a little dent on the front: http://www.artisan-n-artist.com/product_detail.php?id=495 I no longer use the grip and only use the thumb rest and half case. My fingers are quite flexible and I can access both wheels with my thumb or forefinger. 😉 Guytou
  3. Personally, I don't use a flash all the time. And if I have to use a flash for a few photos, the thumb rest is very quickly removed ... Guytou
  4. Everything is there, especially this video : https://www.sigma-photo.fr/objectifs-photo/382-sigma-105mm-f28-dg-dn-macro.html https://actualpha.com/test-video-du-sigma-105mm-dg-dn-macro/ Guytou
  5. I have the Leica thumb (it was with the camera) and it goes very well with the Artisan & Artist half case. I also have the Leica grip but do not use it. Guytou
  6. Hello RobM, I recently own a Sigma 2.8 / 105 DG DN macro and it's a great lens with razor sharp resolution. In addition, it is equipped with interesting functions and its price is very correct. On the CL its focal length is equivalent to a 157 mm. Guytou
  7. Adelphocoris lineolatus (bug species) Guytou
  8. Yes, I think, but more expensive than Sigma which is also guaranteed. These Panasonic, Sigma and Leica batteries seem to come from the same factory ... 😉 Guytou
  9. I also successfully use this Sigma battery BC 51 whose characteristics are identical to the BP DC 12. They are delivered in a small imitation leather case : https://www.sigma-photo.fr/accessoires/191-batterie-li-ion-bp-51-pour-dp-quattro-0085126930394.html The charger is also very interesting : https://www.sigma-photo.fr/accessoires/192-chargeur-de-batteries-bc-51-pour-dp-quattro-0085126930431.html Guytou
  10. Thank you very much ! 😊 A photo that we see often but always interesting to look at ... Guytou
  11. Dandelion egrets (Sigma 105 Macro DG DN) Guytou
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