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  1. Some find that this 18mm is not good ... It might not be as sharp as the 23 or 35 in the corners and at full aperture but it's still a good lens. I own the 18-56 and the 18 and I find that the latter is doing quite well. We can also see many images of this TL18 mm with a Flickr search and some are at the opening f. 2.8 : Guytou
  2. I recently bought a like-new SF 24 for a great price. This flash is very practical, goes very well with the CL and provides excellent results. I also found a Nikon SC-28 cord which allows the flash to be deported while retaining the TTL measurement. Guytou
  3. I also use the index for the left wheel on my CL equipped with the thumb rest. My fingers are flexible and I even sometimes manipulate this left wheel with the end of my thumb, the first phalage still remaining on the thumb rest. But now I leave the screen off and only use the viewfinder. If I want to see a photo, press the FN key programmed for EVF-LCD and then go back to EVF alone. The battery is happy ! Guytou
  4. Our friend says he wants this : "...I would prefer something small which can be covered with the original Leica cap, or a hood that come with its own cap..." Guytou
  5. There is an entry for the TL 18mm sun visor at the bottom of page 3. Personally, I use this one : https://buy.geni.us/Proxy.ashx?TSID=129101&GR_URL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.fr%2FPare-soleil-objectif-dappareil-nettoyage-dobjectif%2Fdp%2FB06XC37NTV&dtb=1 Guytou
  6. Hello JoshuaRothman, On another post, a forumer interested in buying the TL 18mm wanted to see photos taken with it, especially at the opening f. 2.8. Just do a search on Flick to see many images and several are made at this full opening : Personally, I find that this optic is doing very well ... Guytou
  7. A search on Flick (photos with TL Elmarit 28 2.8) yields many images and several were taken at the f.2.8 aperture. Personally I think it's really good ! Guytou
  8. OK and thank you very much. I'll go see your site that I find interesting. Guytou
  9. Hello David, I'm not sure I understand correctly : there are downgraded versions of this new Sigma 18-50 ? Guytou
  10. I'm posting this image just to see the quality of the reds on the forum. And it seems to match what I can see before uploading to the forum. Guytou
  11. There is also this Sigma battery and charger which works completely identically with the CL. The prices are also interesting. https://www.sigma-photo.fr/accessoires/191-batterie-li-ion-bp-51-pour-dp-quattro-0085126930394.html https://www.sigma-photo.fr/accessoires/192-chargeur-de-batteries-bc-51-pour-dp-quattro-0085126930431.html Guytou
  12. Thank you David for this link and these beautiful photos ! 😃 Guytou
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