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  1. J'ai comparé les deux optiques à différents diaphragmes sur des sujets à différentes distances. J'en conclus que la vitesse de mise au point est sensiblement identique, presque instantanée sur des sujets fixes. Guytou For the convenience of our non-francophone members:
  2. 451 / 5000 I recently bought a CL which was equipped with 18-56 and 18 mm + various accessories, all in new condition. When buying I told myself that I will sell later on the 18 mm ... I made several pictures of comparisons between the 18 and the zoom at the 18 mm focal length but without seeing any significant differences. Finally I decided to keep it because it is very small, very handy and I find it very interesting for street photos. 😉
  3. I much prefer this type of strap attached to my CL : https://www.peakdesign.com/collections/straps/ More practical and very flexible to use. Guytou
  4. I have this one, with cap included : https://www.amazon.fr/Pare-soleil-objectif-dappareil-nettoyage-dobjectif/dp/B06XC37NTV Guytou
  5. I recently own the the Sigma 2.8 / 105 Macro Art and its quality is really superlative. 😊 Guytou
  6. With the Artisan Half Case and Artist (http://www.artisan-n-artist.com/product_detail.php?id=495) + Rear Thumb Rest, my thumb / palm base hardly ever touches the screen or directional pad. When this happens in an extremely rare way, a simple double tap brings the focus to the center. Guytou
  7. Il y en a un récent sur le forum Summilux, 1100 € frais de port inclus. http://www.summilux.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=98848&p=1335368#p1335368 Guytou
  8. Une toute première avec ces bourgeons prêts à fleurir ... Image très vite prise cet après-midi. Ce Sigma 105 Macro Art est un régal et permet d'avoir une distance intéressante du sujet, notamment en APS-C. (Leica CL + Sigma 105 mm Macro Art - 200 ISO - f.5,6 - 1/400 s) Guytou
  9. A very first with these buds ready to bloom... Image very quickly taken this afternoon. This Sigma 105 Macro Art is a treat and allows you to have an interesting distance from the subject, especially in APS-C. (Leica CL + Sigma 105 mm - 200 ISO - f.5,6 - 1/400 s) Guytou
  10. Nice shot and very beautiful light ! Guytou
  11. She may be more discreet and her delicacies are hidden ... 😉 Guytou
  12. Hello mike-j, The 105mm Sigma (old model) in your photo does indeed provide very good image quality. On the other hand, it is very bulky with its adapter for APS lens hood + the lens hood itself + the foot nut. These accessories almost double the length of the lens! In addition, its diameter of 78.3 is significant (increase due to internal stabilization). The new Sigma 105 Macro Art also has excellent optical quality. But, fortunately, it is much shorter than the old model, even with the lens hood fitted which does not need an adapter. Its diameter is also smaller and this su
  13. Certainly, but if those who love these accessories add them to the CL2, it will be even bigger ... Guytou
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