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  1. I can tell you it isn't an Oregon problem. I can import 15 photos into a Mac in a minute or so.
  2. M10 M Leica 100mm APO-Macro-Elmarit-R f/2.8
  3. M10 M Leica 100mm APO-Macro-Elmarit-R f/2.8
  4. Relax, Cayenne. I received my M10M this morning from Leica Miami and it shows manufactured date of 9/21/2020. I have tried to make it freeze with and without the EVF. In daylight, in twilight and in a dark room. I also tried turning live view on and off and no freezing. I have taken about 150 images with no issue. 🙂 T
  5. I guess I don't need mess with this since the info in post #14 and some other say it works. Puzzling since the device needs to provide some voltage drops to perform focus and shutter release. I should have read more before posting the above. The way I was going to wire it, the SL2 does not need to be in manual mode.
  6. I did a little work on this Tuesday. I can make it work the way Mdol did with a little bit of soldering. However, if I think it would be a fun project I would make a cable with a little module that would make the Miops work with just one cable and wouldn't require the RS-CL6. I need to spec out the resistors. Here are my notes. Leica remote Leica plug = closest to plug = Yellow next one down = Red The next two are not used Three leafs Top = 1 Middle =2 Bottom =3 1 and 3 = 1355 1 and 2 = 1259
  7. It feels good knowing I don't have to worry about theft, because I have an insurance company taking the risk.
  8. I also found this thread which is helping my memory. May be time for the adventure.
  9. There probably is if you ordered all the cables Miops offers. I'm going to order a Miops Smart, if I work this out I will post a reply.
  10. I successfully went down this road a few years ago with the SL. Unfortunately, I didn't save my notes or remember exactly how it was accomplished. If my memory serves me correctly, it involves purchasing a Leica remote controller, item number 16066. I then took it apart and had the Miops trigger the Leica controller. I believe two of the wires activated the AF, but that may have been a different camera. About two weeks ago I received an SL2 and also purchased another remote controller (16066) to set it up again. Just make sure you trace it all out with a multimeter.
  11. Thank you for the link. This is a fantastic presentation, there is so much information. It was a great way to spend two hours during lockdown!
  12. Did you follow up on Lucerne's post? Very possible. If the charger isn't charging the batteries your experience would match that condition. A volt meter and a few paperclips would let you test the batterie. I believe, make sure you verify, the two center contacts have to be linked for a reading on the outside posts. Make sure you know what you are doing or are close to the fire department.
  13. If I am shooting wide open I prefer the EVF. I like the peaking to determine my exact focus plane. Is it the eye or the nose? I just can't see the difference using the rangefinder.
  14. I love mine and its round appearance is a plus to the overall look of the camera. Enjoy!
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