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  1. I have previously admitted to being a newbie to the entire "M" thing (I'm an "R" user since 1976) so I find myself fumbling a bit with this new "M" of mine. I noticed when in "A" mode, that occasionally no LED "time" showed up when I depressed the release button. I also seem to recall that on occasion the release wouldn't function in this situation. Instead of time, I found that the LEDs for discrete timing would show up!!! This made me a bit curious and I began to move the Shutter Speed wheel around only to find that when turning Counter Clockwise the time would show up when I reached "A". Wiggle the Shutter Speed wheel while in the "A" position and it doesn't take much movement and the time disappears again. As previously reported the camera hasn't seen more than maybe 10 rolls of film, so it's basically a new old M7. So I was wondering if any of you have had such an experience? It seems like all the other Shutter Speed wheel positions do what they are supposed to do. Any insight is as usual highly appreciated Preben
  2. pridbor

    "New" M7 ready for CLA?

    The short answer is no. I assume that you mean a button screwed into the threads of the shutter button? I have seen photos of those, like a red one and don't like the looks of these. Since last, I found out that when it "malfunction" all I need to do is to turn the Shutter time to "125" and that seems to "release" whatever it is that holds the Camere from normal functioning and after this all works fine again!! So it seems like something causes the process to get hung up and not complete the cycle. so now the question is will it "heal itself" in use or do I need to send it off for service or do I live with losing an image every now and then?? Thanks for your input.
  3. pridbor

    "New" M7 ready for CLA?

    It is all the way to the Left. (I was at first at loss as to what lever you were referring to, coming from "R" Cameras I'm accustomed to the button in the bottom.) Do you know if I could move it to "R" and then back should this "reset" the mechanisms? Is the release mechanism entirely mechanical? or is it require a Battery to operate (in automatic mode) And also how sensitive is the Camera to Battery voltage? I measured mine to be 2.956 V vs a new which is 3.24 or so. Thanks again for any insight highly valued! Preben
  4. I took my M7 out for a shootout today only to find that it didn't release when I pressed the shutter button. I had it in automatic mode and the red dot in the viewer was lit, i.e. I was convinced that all parameters were fine for a shot. The button went soft and down but no action. I'm very new to the M so I was wondering if there are situations where the camera think that it shouldn't release due to something, or should it just shoot regardless, which I thought it should. The camera is an old "brand new", i.e. it hasn't had more than maybe 10 rolls of film run through it, so I thought that it was in perfect order. Is it time for me to send it to a full CLA? Thanks Preben
  5. pridbor

    Ooops I bought an R9

    I have been looking to buy an R9 for a long time but didn't quite find what I wanted in price and condition. A few days ago I found one in Switzerland and quickly clicked "But it now" equivalent in German :-) Now the waiting begins as the seller will only send it within Switzerland so I will have it sent to my Uncle and have him send it here, or I will have to wait until next time I'm over there. So it may be a while I get it in my hands to test it out and only hope that it's in as good a condition as the seller let me believe. Preben
  6. pridbor

    C 41 Process Chemicals Life

    Kind of a new guy in the Darkroom developing film that is. I bought a kit for C41 film development and successfully developed 2 films, Ilford XP2, about a year ago. I left the chemicals in my garage and am now wondering if they are still OK to use? It has been quite hot during this summer outside 100+ and inside maybe 10 degrees less. Thanks in advance Preben
  7. pridbor

    Rear Seals for the R Camera

    Does someone recall the guy who sells seals for the "R" ?? email wuold be good. I lost his contact info after a computer switch so now I wuold like to gather this info again. Thanks Preben
  8. pridbor

    Shutter Sound(s)

    Gents, I managed to hit "Buy it now" by "accident" and am now the (maybe) happy owner of a R5 Body :-) I'm tryint to go through all the different buttons and film transport, only 18 Photos taken so far but plan on sacrificing a roll of film just to see if this one has a transport problem like my R3, which is a bit temperamental at times in this regard. So what I can't recall is what sound the shutter/mirror should make for different shutter speeds! e.g does it sound different if I set a manual speed of e.g. 125 vs 2000???? This one as far as I can determine sounds identical and I can't recall what my R3 and R4 sound like. OK I just told myself to go and test one of them but I should nevertheless like to get your feedback as I shall provide such to the Seller too, and would like to give him a positive as the Camera looks and feels great. Thanks in advance Preben P.S. To my untrained ear the R4 sounds the same regardless of shutter speed, tested in "M" mode
  9. I have recently read here someone using a 2x APO on the 180 Apo instead of a 400 or so lens, and that made me wonder what one would "loose " if one, like me, only has a regular 2x? Preben
  10. Being an amateur, and maybe not even a good one at it :-) I was wondering why you use those Tele Lenses for closeup photos? On the recommendation from a member here I got hold of an APO Telyt-R 180mm f/3.4 but wouldn't have thought tom make use of it like you! And BTW absolutely stunning Photos! Preben
  11. Well here I am again with maybe the stupidest question of the day, but: Oops I must confess to also having bought a Sony a7rii with adapters for both R and M lenses, and that's where my question lies: why does the Cron come out so dark, or what am I doing wrong in this not apples to apples comparison? Now the whole idea was for me to make use of all my R and M lenses on a digital camera, while shooting film when my mood so dictated. The darkness made me a little apprehensive towards the use of these lenses, so please tell me that I'm doing something wrong such that I can regain my faith in the red dot :-) Thanks Preben This one was taken with my, from my R3 days, beloved 50mm Summicron @ Aperture 4 And this one with the cheap Sony 28-70 at aprox aperture 4 too
  12. pridbor

    Jammed Shutter Issue

    Just recently had a few such experiences with my as new M7! I found out that I could "release it from that condition by setting the dial to one of the "non electronic" exposure times and the Camera worked normally again from hereon. I obviously lost that image. I don't know if I'm right but I think it's due to lack of use ? I believe that my M7 may only have seen 5-6 rolls of film, 2 of which I have taken about a year ago. Preben
  13. Could some gentle soul please take time to explain to this simpleminded person what that really means. What I'm really after is how I should understand the 0.72 and the other 2 magnifications mentioned in the Manual, and preferably in simple terms like if you see a 1 meter device through the Viewfinder then it only shows like it was 72 cm, or something like that. Thanks in advance Preben
  14. pridbor

    I love my R4

    I'll show you mine as you seem to get almost no responses, summer vacation ? :-) BTW your gear looks great !!! My R4 works fine! I have a few instances where the R3 won't advance film, then I pull a few times and it engages again. I may loose a few images on a 36 image roll, and although irritating I have decided to hang on to it as one doesn't get much for those even if it worked flawlessly, and I bought it new so :-) Preben
  15. pridbor

    I love my M7...

    Beautiful image !!! but since the M7 sits on the table "who" was the shooter (what camera) :-) Preben