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  1. My 20 year old cat, still with us.
  2. Brothers, adopted them both from the shelter as a pair so that they wouldn't be separated. No regrets.
  3. I'd forgotten all about this thread! That photo was taken 2 yrs ago. This was taken earlier this year:
  4. What is C1 20? Everywhere on their website only C1 12 is mentioned. I'm confused, I only recently upgraded from C1 11 to C1 12, and now there's a sudden jump to 20?
  5. Did they charge you for the part?
  6. I was wondering about that. It looks like there are little screws on that VF ring. If I glue the rubber ring on, those screws will be difficult to access wouldn't it?
  7. arrggh happened to me yesterday. I've been carrying my M10 with the genuine Leica leather holster: https://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/Accessories/Cases-and-Protectors/Leather-holster Surely a genuine Leica product wouldn't do this to another genuine Leica product.
  8. A couple more shots of Jadey, the 18 year old.
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