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  1. Thanks all for the replies. It's neighbor's camera that he found in a flea market (red flag) in Heidelberg Ger , where he's from some years ago. I told him when I saw it that it was probably fake but wanted to get the experts from this forum to confirm. Thanks again and Thank you Steve for the nice compliment.
  2. Sorry for the poor quality cellphone images. Is this a copy, or a real Mii with the paint scrub off? It is brass, top,bottom and lens. SN# on body is 3795 which seems low. Thanks in advance for any help. chk
  3. thanks all. I ordered one from Radio Shack for &18.00 through their battery finder. Have it shipped to a store and you save on shipping.
  4. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  5. Is there an off the shelf battery replacement for the D3? Thanks
  6. I wrote the following in reply to an email about the Digilux 2 & 3. So I very much agree with the above: (edited) When all is said and done an image with a camera can only be created with a defined amount of light for a defined period of time. Period. All the technology that comes along will never change that. And the Digilux 3, along with the M's are the only digital cameras I know of that come close to keeping this basic fact intact.
  7. Ah, yes. I forgot, Very inexpensive.
  8. I still actively use my Digilyx 3. When all is said and done an image can only be created with a lens that lets a defined amount of light to pass through and a shutter that lets that light hit a sensor (or film) for a defined period of time. An amount of light for a period of time. Period. The Digilux 3 is a very good camera, but is not everybody's cup of tea. My clients have never questioned the pixel count or anything about the camera I'm using. I can't even call it outdated as I still get great files from it and for how I shoot, don't need the latest and greatest technological marvel.
  9. “If you purchased a Leica camera a hundred years ago it would still work today. It was bulletproof,” he said. “But electronics today are not built with permanence in mind.” Electronics Designers Struggle With Form, Function and Obsolescence - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com What does that say for electronic Leicas (which seem to have some longevity for today's cameras) or any other electronic camera of today?
  10. Noise was the main reason I got rid of my Dlux 4. Too much for my taste at 400 and above.
  11. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I am picking away at giving simple descriptive titles to the photos which will take a while. If you all have any suggestions, post em up. And Ben, I stopped by your LFI gallery - very strong images. Stu I just might use your Martin dreadnaught picker with your permisson Thanks again
  12. I'm posting a link to my redesigned website. The great majority of the photos are from a Digilux 2 and a Digilux 3 with a smattering from a Dlux4 and my 6x9 field camera. With all their shortcomings, Leica really did a great job with those cameras and I still work with them every job I do. chkPhotography
  13. I shoot only 2 & 4 gig cards so in the event a card goes bad I don't lose too many images (which has happened) I use those plastic cases that hold 4 or more cards. The unused are place logo side up or contacts down. The used cards are logo side down or contacts up. It's quick and visual aid for me.
  14. Digilux 2 Street Photos Also, I've put pieces of black gaffers tape on the silver around the eye piece to cut down glare.
  15. Exactly. In camera HDR's; cameras that capture smiles and remeber faces; 64000 iso. So to rephrase your statement into a question, "When does photography stop being photography?" Obviously, the ability to "see" and compose, use light, click at the right moment are still what makes an image outstanding. But...
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