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  1. The price for a Leica manufactured thumbs up is ridiculous
  2. Silly question.. but is the same FW for Leica M-P right?
  3. Thank you very much. I like the idea of idling and just know that it will take care of itself.
  4. Had Black 240, went chrome this time. Topped it up with a 35mm Summilux., also chrome :-)
  5. Should I just uninstall LR5 and reinstall it from CC? I'm worried about my presets etc. How can I secure my existing settings when uninstall and re-install?
  6. Hi I would love to get some help from all you pro's out there I've been using LR5 for a while and recently did I buy the photo suite PS and LR from Adobe on a monthly subscription basis. As I already had LR installed didn't I install LR again from CC. As LR6 is approaching and updates are included in my subscription do I need to know how I install LR from CC without ruining my plug-ins, presets and settings. Anyone have any ideas? /Lars
  7. Switched my 240 to an M-P a couple of weeks ago and are surprized how much I enjoy it. Especially when doing portraits as the increased buffer really makes a difference /Lars
  8. Actually 110 EUR, 200 EUR is for the two days alternative
  9. Jost to follow up... I took the camera and the lens to a Leica dealer.. Turned out that the camera didn't recognize any lenses and the Nocti was unable to focus in infinity. Shipped to Wetzlar yesterday. Took the fast lane in order to get it back next week
  10. I tested the camera with a 50mm Summilux and I didn't encounter any problem.
  11. Thanks... I don't get this.. If I look at the Nocti it isn't the same as in the list you linked to. Can that be altered "by itself"?
  12. Uploaded the pictues in to LR. Something is strange.. The camera is set on "Automatic Lens detection" but instead of a Noctilux f/0,95 have it decided that I have a 135mm (APO-Telyt-M 1:3.4/135 mourned.. On some of the pictures is "no lens selected" at all. Something wrong with the coding? Tested with another lens without any signs of the same problem. Only with the Noctilux..
  13. I'm out on a shoot now, but from what I can see on the LCD does the images look sharp
  14. Hi I have a Nocti mounted on my M. Something has happened cuz when I'm focusing on something further away than 10 meters I don't get the lines aligned in the focus frame. Don't know if if manage to explain good enough. It feels like I need to turn the focus ring more to the left, but I can't What can be wrong?
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