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  1. Waiting to pull the trigger myself. Waiting for Miami Leica dealer to receive it since they’re back order everywhere.
  2. Rémy meant to say: wouldn’t it be easier to adjust the white balance in automatic ? Yves
  3. To marcg.... Last time I checked, this is not Facebook isn’t it? Your reply was neither funny nor informative. And it was borderline offensive.
  4. Jon, You use of available light is soooo refreshing. And those blacks !!! It put those liquid colors at the center of the picture. They are the real subject of your composition. Inspiring !!! Yves West Palm Beach FL (Under TS Isaac as we speak...)
  5. N3: 3 points; N-8: 2 Points; N-2: 1 Point; Special mention for N-5 (Because of the title...). Yves
  6. Denis, Grrrreat pic. It reminds me of a sky I saw in Normandy during my honeymoon. Its not that often we see that type of "nacre". Thanks for the memories. Yves
  7. I know I am repeating myself but see the reply from Leica USA I got a few months ago: Dear Yves Saint-Pierre, I was able to confirm that the Leica factory in Germany is looking to address the speed of the AF in a future firmware upgrade. The next upgrade is not expected until sometime in the new year, perhaps by the end of the winter. Keep in mind that purchasing a camera at the same time does not guarantee the new version is already loaded but users can do the upgrade themselves at home. Best regards, Mark Brady Leica Camera Inc. / Technical Advisor
  8. I am ready to buy my X1. Eventhough I am a big fan of buying local (there is a Leica dealer 1 block from my work) I am considering buying online. For those who may ask why, between the camera, bag, grip, voigtlander vf and possibly the thumb adapter, even if the sales tax is only 6.5 %, I will end up saving some money here. Any idea about a reputable online source ? for the record, I contacted B & H and was less than impress by the quality of the answers I got (see previous tread about VF) even if I literally spoke to more than 10 different reps... Yves
  9. I was wondering what would the be optimal specs for a SD Card (Calss and Capacity) Thanks Yves
  10. I foresee becoming the proud owner of an X1 next week. With it, I will most likely add the handgrip and probably the thumgrip. However... I know the issue was somewhat addressed in a previous thread but here is my question: If I decide to go with a less expensive viewfinder (Voigtlander for exemple), would I loose any feature ? Some might find the Leica vf clearer or more hip etc... but for the price difference, the Voigtlander or the SBLOO -if I can find one) might do the trick. BTW, how does someone know if the subject is in focus looking through the VF ? Yves
  11. Lambda, What have you used ? Hod did you do it ? I genuinely love your solution. Yves
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