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  1. Have problems too in configuring Photos or Photos 2 trial version. My Leica Q connects to my local wi-fi network OK, but scan function of Photos to scan code showed in camera screen just does not work.
  2. Thanks for the responses, which confirm my suspicion that Amazon has default descriptions and or sellers might not know what they have. But, for someone selling a high 4 digit $ item, you might think they would do better. I too am hesitant on trying to save money by going on-line for a M-P I am considering, given the costs, thinking brand new from a Leica store here in San Francisco, though top dollar, will have some reliability and a dealer to work with, training, and classes and all. It's a big step to drop that much money for a non pro shooter like me.
  3. Why are some Leica's M-P (240s) listed on Amazon as SLR camera. Doesn't SLR stand for single lens reflex, which Leicas are not?
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