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  1. It was with sad heart that i had to return, recently delivered apo 35/2 lens as it had ad dust particle inside front element sitting on metal rim. perhaps it would not compromise image today, but I could not live with idea of spending 8 K+ and not have a clean lens. Dealer kept cleaning the lens with ROR, solution Brush, Rocket air puffs and i could see more dust being deposited on external surface. lens was manufactured on 5/31/2021. Dealer recommended - return the lens and wait for another delivery.-done other consideration was to keep lens as such, but worried dust will attract
  2. What adaptor is used to mount ring light on Q2 camera? Thanks, Sami
  3. Oh lala! It is fun to have a new lens. When can i get one? Sami🤪
  4. I have used Vivitar 226 in auto mode with perfect results, it is compact flash with no fuss.it uses alkaline battery.
  5. For those looking to Buy APO 35mm SL lens; it is available at leica on line store usa.
  6. leica camera distinguises one from the rest,just like flying in first class hence and no standing in long line.
  7. I picked SL2 from Leica store today,after being on waiting list for 2 weeks;Gentleman asked me if I wanted to get any lens with it,I said yes, please, He ran behind counter and said I am sorry we do not have that 35mm Kit available but other are available( reserved/not announced), if you wish you can decline it and wait for kit to arrive; so dilemma was get the SL2 now and be happy or wait for kit and save 1000 Dollars( tariff); I already have 24-90, 50 and 90 Sl lenses. SL2 instantaneous gratification and happiness vs uncertainty Anxiety/stress saving of $1000 and spending extra . P
  8. Sage advice, but his heart is set on Noctilux, what to do now; have to get one just to feel""i did it my way"This gratification is temporary cure for obsessive/recurring thoughts.
  9. Thank you all for prompt response and reassurance.😋
  10. Hello, just purchased a new Q2 camera from leica store and noticed rattling noise inside lens ,specially when you move camera body from side to side or upside down.but once you turn on camera and elements move, noise goes away; Is this an anomaly?or expected behavior. I do not recall hearing this when i had Leica Q. Appreciate any input from owners of Q2 camera. Thanks, sami
  11. OH! That was in jest for Jono ,stating about firmware update for 40 noctilux;any how with updated Noctilux75/1.25 ,i do expect leica will likely consider releasing a 35 or 40 mm Noctilux lens.
  12. Sooo,investors of Noctilux 50/.95 should consider selling it now
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