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  1. Thanks guys! I appreciate you liked it. Wilfredo, you are probably right..maybe a little crop would have been functional...however i like The trama of The white wall.....it is just my personal taste...
  2. A cuban man in Santa Clara Leica m9 + lux 35 pre asph
  3. Wow!!! Great shot
  4. I own the following M3 M6 Rolleiflex 3.5f Rolleiflex wide angle Voigtlander bessa 1 I hope to get am hasselblad xpan soon..
  5. Great pictures! To me you did a great job. May i ask how did you develop and scan The negatives? I like their greys scale, tonality and contrast.
  6. Thank you jean michel I wear glasses so i will go for The google version. Is it exactly The same as The non googled version optically speaking?
  7. Hello I would like to buy a summicron 35 first version and found one with googles. What d googles do on The m9? Which frames do they activate in The rangefinder? Tks
  8. Thank you. But does it mean I have to wear the glasses off everytime I take a shot? I am not sure I understand correnctly... The dioptric correction helps only to see images clear in the viewfinder with the minifier and my glasses on. Right? Will this correction create problems if I shoot with a different focal length w/o minifier? Sorry to bother... Thank you
  9. Thank you. What do you mean with "less accurate"? Difficulties in focusing?
  10. Online I have found this one...0 85X Viewfinder for Leica M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9P 28mm 35mm Wide Angle Len Silver | eBay Is it what I need? Which is the ratio of The m9, 0,72?
  11. I see....it is better to avoid it unless I buy a dog For blind...
  12. Hello A small question : i am a glass wearer and love the 28mm focal length on my beloved m9 and m6. However sometimes it is difficult for me to see The 28 frames in The viewfinder. Should I buy a magnifiter? If yes, which one? Thank you For your kind suggestions. Rgds
  13. I think The m9 is and will be a wonderful camera. It all depends what you are searching from the camera itself. If you need a discrete, small, light this can do wonderful images than go on leica M9 without problems.
  14. Wow Luigi....wonderful post....very useful to understand The differences between these two great lenses.....thank you very much!! Ps...strage to see The "giornale di Brescia" on an international forum
  15. Thank you For this message. I am looking for a lens with character as only The "old" ones Can have....at The same time I need a generic 50 and this is The reason why I am going to buy The summicron. However these old lenses have all some special characteristics which make them special....it is only a matter of what ingredient you want to put in the oven to give a special taste to your pics.
  16. Thank you Luigi. I am convinced....i will go on The summicron. It will be nice to handle a piece of photography history..thanks for The help
  17. Thank you Jaap. I think I will go For The summicron. Is ti good both on The m6 and m9 or on digital it could have some problems? Has anyone tried it on digital and has some pics to share? Thank you.
  18. Thank you. It is going to be my "general" 50... I would like to have a good lens, pretty sharp with great bokeh (I generally like to take portraits...). which one could suit for it?
  19. Hi guys, I have found a couple of good deals for the a.m lenses. On m9 (and m6) which one do you suggest? Thanks
  20. I love rolleiflex 3.5f and hasselblad 500c with The planar 80 2.8
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