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  1. Thanks guys! I appreciate you liked it. Wilfredo, you are probably right..maybe a little crop would have been functional...however i like The trama of The white wall.....it is just my personal taste...
  2. A cuban man in Santa Clara Leica m9 + lux 35 pre asph
  3. Wow!!! Great shot
  4. I own the following M3 M6 Rolleiflex 3.5f Rolleiflex wide angle Voigtlander bessa 1 I hope to get am hasselblad xpan soon..
  5. Great pictures! To me you did a great job. May i ask how did you develop and scan The negatives? I like their greys scale, tonality and contrast.
  6. Thank you jean michel I wear glasses so i will go for The google version. Is it exactly The same as The non googled version optically speaking?
  7. Hello I would like to buy a summicron 35 first version and found one with googles. What d googles do on The m9? Which frames do they activate in The rangefinder? Tks
  8. Thank you. But does it mean I have to wear the glasses off everytime I take a shot? I am not sure I understand correnctly... The dioptric correction helps only to see images clear in the viewfinder with the minifier and my glasses on. Right? Will this correction create problems if I shoot with a different focal length w/o minifier? Sorry to bother... Thank you
  9. Thank you. What do you mean with "less accurate"? Difficulties in focusing?
  10. Online I have found this one...0 85X Viewfinder for Leica M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9P 28mm 35mm Wide Angle Len Silver | eBay Is it what I need? Which is the ratio of The m9, 0,72?
  11. I see....it is better to avoid it unless I buy a dog For blind...
  12. Hello A small question : i am a glass wearer and love the 28mm focal length on my beloved m9 and m6. However sometimes it is difficult for me to see The 28 frames in The viewfinder. Should I buy a magnifiter? If yes, which one? Thank you For your kind suggestions. Rgds
  13. I think The m9 is and will be a wonderful camera. It all depends what you are searching from the camera itself. If you need a discrete, small, light this can do wonderful images than go on leica M9 without problems.
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