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  1. Thanks guys. I don't think it's separation exactly. It looks as if someone opened the lens to clean haze off of an internal element but didn't clean all the way to the edge of the element... the front retaining ring looks (under very close inspection) like the person didn't use the correct tool (the slots are a tiny bit damaged). I think what happened is that an internal element had haze on it for whatever reason (perhaps an overzealous oiling of aperture blades earlier in its life?), so the person opened it via the front ring, cleaned the haze off as best they could, then re-assembled t
  2. Rick, I just saw your post, sorry about the late reply. I must have a bad dandelion chip. I have it on a M645-EOS adapter from Fotodiox, and it's pretty unuseable. I'm glad to hear other people don't have the issue -- I've learned to live without it honestly and all the adapters (Leica R-EOS) I've ordered since haven't had it and i've been fine. The key with the (original) 5D is to change the focusing screen. So, focusing screens, I have an original 5D only, and I changed the focusing screen on it myself to the ees one i think it is; it's the one where the whole thing is a micropris
  3. Thanks James, Yeah it's definitely not a reflection. I guess I should send it back and wait for a better one. There don't seem to be a lot of tabbed Summicron IVs around right now. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I recently received a new-to me 50mm Summicron-M (with the focusing tab, serial # says it was made in 1991) that I find a strange result doing the "flashlight test". It seems there's an element inside that either has leftover cement on it or wasn't adequately cleaned, etc. I've posted a video where the stuff i'm talking about comes into focus at 0:10. It's in a ring around the outer edge of one of the internal elements. This view is from the rear of the lens. There is a hair and some dust on the rear of the rear element, but I'm not as worried about that obviously. I tried
  5. I have a dandelion chip in an M645-EOS adapter from Fotodiox, and it is outright terrible. It takes over a second to light up, and by then I've moved, or the subject has moved, and thus it rarely if ever lights up. It really sucks. So, I just got the manual focus fucus-screen for it, and I focus like it's an SL, never worrying about the stupid confirmation light. The confirmation lights work great on Nikon with no chip (as long as your adapter pretends to be AIS) but like crap on EOS with the chip. It's pretty useless; I wouldn't pay extra for the chip. My Leica R to EOS adapter ha
  6. Though I only have Macs at home and I love them, it's not technically true that they will be much faster than any Windows machine, especially for advanced photoshop stuff. The Mac Pro is out of date hardware-wise compared to modern PC offerings ... sad, but true. There is no Mac solution that can do a 10-bit workflow either (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3600350?start=0&tstart=0). Apple is starting to scare a lot of people with their disregard for the high-end media market in favor of iOS and making things nice for grandma. You and I may not care, but all those ad agencies an
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Prices aren't bad for it either. I'd be giving up full frame, but gaining more usability. Then there's the A99. See, it's not that hard to convince each other to spend money!
  8. Uh-oh, now the market is ruined for those as well! (Make sure the lenses you would use on it are not ROM or 3rd-cam though if you choose an SL)
  9. Hi Jono, I can see where you are coming from. I have a Canon 5D (The first one) that I use for all my R lenses, and without live view, I pretty much only shoot wide open unless It's on a tripod (which it never is). So, for me, it's not as fluid of an experience as the film R bodies (and I love film anyhow so I'm not complaining too much). It sounds like I've got to get me a 5DII or an A77 like you or something similar so I can have live view etc and get out of the digital stone age Then in 6 years I'll upgrade to a used M240.
  10. Hi K-Hawinkler, Thank you for the reply -- I don't take offense; I always enjoy reading your posts and learning from you and all the others on here with lots of knowledge and information to share. I have a similar story to yours in a way. I started this whole money pit camera fetish with a Nikon D50 (of all things) back in 2005 or so. Then, my friend and I dared each other to get a Mamiya RB67 and shoot medium format film because it would be theoretically cheaper than buying new digital bodies every few years (how wrong we were...). Many other formats and fun followed, BUT, I always
  11. K-Hawinkler and Jono, In my earlier post, my point was not that putting R glass on the M240 is completely useless; on the contrary, it's probably going to be nice. My point, which I admit was perhaps obscured in my rant, is that people who don't already have R glass lying around and are buying it *solely* in anticipation of the new M240 are likely to be disappointed as it's not going to be as nice as an M lens on an M body or an R lens on an R body or, secondarily, a DSLR. This is my opinion, I don't mind if you guys think different. As andyedward said: "Will people who currently
  12. Wow, $8k. Well this just spells the end of my Leica R acquisitions. I managed to get some really nice stuff before the M240 was announced... 35/2, 50/1.4, 60/2.8, 135/2.8, and 180/3.4 with a SL, R3 and R8. Now even the old 50 Summicrons are ridiculously priced. I always wanted an 80/1.4 and a 100/2.8; I passed when they were both $1400 a while back; now they are completely out of reach. By the way, this M240 as the R solution is really stupid in my opinion. Sorry, but it is. No EVF is going to be as good as an analog SLR for tracking motion and what have you. And the form factor is
  13. I'm a mac guy, converted in 2005, but I think it's more than just this or that iteration of Mac/PC OS that makes the Apple experience great. It's about taste. OS X has "taste", and Windows doesn't. I think that's why Apple have so many ardent fans: when you use a Mac, it feels like someone put it together that way for a reason, even if some things are annoying -- later on you find that, even if it's still annoying, the purpose and the workflow become clear. With Windows, boneheaded nonsense like the ribbon bar still persist to this day. And what's up with Windows 8 getting rid of / obscur
  14. I have an R8 (knock on wood, metering is fine so far) and a SL, which is great too. However, SL's have their own issues, like trying to find a good one that doesn't have a yellow/dark/separating/de-silvered viewfinder prism, which is also an expensive fix. The SL also, unless you have it modified, only takes those Wein cell batteries at this point, which are $5 a piece and once exposed to air go bad in a month or two, which means you always have to have a spare with you or risk it randomly not being there. Thank God my iPhone lightmeter is pretty accurate Why can't Leica be like Linhof
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