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  1. I have a M10-D, whenever viewing photos in the Fotos app in my IPhone, how come only b&w image showing, even though I select DNG only. Am I missing something ?
  2. M10-D with 50 APO. Taken in Toronto Harbour front.
  3. Testing the APO 50mm F2 lens on the new m10-D.
  4. Hi Irakly, Good work, in essence the article brings out the concept of this camera, this is an extremely niche gear, however, for those who appreciated its beauty, it is like drinking spring water in a land of pepsi/cola. I supported Leica on this endeavor a day after Boxing day, enjoyed very much. Last night took it to a friend's party to take some pictures, everyone commented positively, of course, the usual suspect is, "where is the LCD screen"? A 50mm lens will be glued onto my unit and I will travel the world with it in the coming 3 years on a personal project.
  5. My local Leica boutique in California was able to get one for a customer in 1 day. Hi JAC, when? Last few days or the end of October? I am trying to gauge the next shipment date for North America.
  6. I kind of understand what you mean by the store doesn’t understand the m10-d, not many people do, it is extremely niche product, “different horse for different course “
  7. Thanks i-Leica for the link. Also agree with ikarusJohn about supporting my local shop, if the wait is like 3 months, then I will order from other country's store. This morning checked B&H and they too are on back order, so I guess NA is in the same situation. James
  8. My order was placed on Nov 1 in Toronto, Canada. The dealer initially said within 2 weeks, later end of Nov, now end of Dec........😪 Is anyone the same as me in Canada?
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