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  1. Thanx Guys for help, so i have to go to the shop best regards Sebastian
  2. Hi Howard, thank you for so fast answer. I was wondering if i could do it without buying card reader. I read about that in other forum. Is it possible? I can't delete pictures from my card inside camera with Phase One software. Is it normal? Thank you! best regards Sebastian
  3. Hello, i have problem with copying firmware 2.2 file to my card inserted in the D-lux4. I was trying on Windows and Mac OS X system. Getting the same warning: Card is protected or can't be modified. I've checked card locker of course is unlocked - before i've recorded pictures. I'm connecting using PC option. The card is formatted inside the camera. I have no memory card reader. My card: 4GB SD HC. I'm waiting for any solutions. Thank you! best regards Sebastian
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