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  1. @ktmrider2 and @lexontario, thanks much. Great sites to continue my quest. And yes, I want to go with a "reputable" dealer because it's never worth a few less dollars if you'll always be unhappy or question it; to LecOntario's comment. Thanks much everyone.
  2. Thank you all for your great advice and recommendations. @MMercier, I was checking out Leica Miami this past weekend, and @jaeger, I never new about Camera West. @Ronazle, yes Tamarkin has always been a big player with amazing reputation. I thnk I am missing a few people, so thank you. Now I just need to spend the $$$$.
  3. Casey, did not know about Popflash. Pretty nice site with many nice toys. Thanks again.
  4. Indeed Jean-Michel, I will search far and wide with the tips from responders. Thank you
  5. Peter, thank you so much for the pointers. I will check your post.
  6. Lee, thanks for the reply. How do you like the M262? I was thinking about it and do I need Live View and video? Great points and appreciate the time.
  7. Greetings, I am doing some research on buying a used M. I am not a pro, just a devotee since my father used them, and I can now afford it. I have 3 main questions surrounding purchasing a used Leica and I am thinking about buying a M-P (Typ 240). 1. Do reputable photo houses refurbish the camera's or send them to Leica for a certified-used designation? 2. Are there more reputable stories to purchase from? I am dubious about eBay. What about B&H in New York, Tamarkin seems overpriced with little inventory. Can anyone make recommendations? 3. What should I look for.
  8. Guys, this forum has been beneficial but I am looking for tutorials and training resources on scanning film. When I scan (not very often) there are issues of color: from monitor to print; from color transparency (velvia 50), and sharpness. My images just don't look sharp whether in digital or print. I know I am doing something wrong and Nikon's site is not too good of a resource. And I am not a pro. I'm just a guy who loves his Leica's and on the fence if I should drop 9K on a M9 (or M8.2)! Tools: Nikon CoolScan V ED (v4.0.2 software) Epson R1800 printer Leica M6, MP, M7 Velvi
  9. Thanks to all of you for the wealth of information. It really is quite impressive. I will pursue my research and hopefully have a digital M to share with some old and some new wonderful lens'. I will keep the group updated. Cheers
  10. Very helpful indeed. Specifically, the data around serial number, actuation's, etc.
  11. Greetings to all. I am new to this forum and glad I found it. Several Questions on buying a used M8.2: I have heard that an M8.2 still has sensor issues (no pass filter) so basically there's color issues. Is there a work around? I have heard about lens filters...??? What would be a reasonable shutter actuation number? Is 4000 too much? Or do I save my $$$ and buy an M9? Thanks for your time.
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