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  1. My thanks to you Photoworks (and everyone else) for helping me to stop panicking and start analysing the problem. Much appreciated
  2. The coracle I use is based on the craft used on the river Teifi (Tie-vee) in Wales. It's perfectly stable as long as you sit still. At this time of year the river Yare (Yeah - as in 'Yeah, yeah, yeah … ') in Norfolk, on which I photograph, is fairly sluggish, but, of course, one does drift gently downstream in the current, and - as there's no keel - the craft also spins round slowly too. With the SL2 I generally use shutter priority and set it at 1/400 (my average ISO is 400). I must say the times when I'm out of focus due to the movement of the boat are relatively rare - when it does happen it's usually because the coracle is turning away in the current, and I'm trying to shoot back over my shoulder. This rather brooding picture was taken with an OVF & without AF. I don't think the focus is too far off.
  3. Dear Sjz, I think I've traced the problems to a perhaps loose connection between the lens and the camera body. I have arranged to return the lens to my supplier, and placed an order for another, new, APO f2 50mm Asph for my SL2. Thanks for your concern
  4. Ok albireo_double, hi - I'm really pleased that you experience no problems with AF/Field whatever lens you mount, at whatever aperture you choose, and however distant you are from your chosen subject. This bodes well for me if only I can get my one and only lens working properly! In some of my replies to members' suggestions I've written that I think I've made some progress in diagnosing the problem. Basically I think I've found a connection problem between the camera and the lens. And I think that's what's been throwing the focus off. Courtesy of a local store I've tried a couple of Sigma lenses on the body and the focus worked like a dream. Just like to say thanks for your contribution
  5. Jim B Hi - thanks for the tips! Actually I do most of my work from a coracle on the local river so a tripod is a definite no-no! Also I think I may have discovered a possible cause for the problems I flagged-up. I think the camera lens is a little loose in the camera mount. I went and tried a couple of Sigma lenses at the local store and they were rock solid - whereas my APO Summicron 50 has just a little play in it. This morning I noticed that I could achieve momentary focus on more distant subjects if I pressed the lens hard back into the mount. I'm wondering if there's a connection problem. Cheers mate - and thanks for your time
  6. Thanks Photoworks (some terrific pictures BTW - I thought the yellow taxi half in shadow was really full of noir-cinematic atmosphere). Like you I use AFs most of the time, and in good visibility too, so the focus acquisition should be unproblematic. But that isn't what I'm finding. I could be 'holding it wrong', and I hope, sincerely hope, that's right because the remaining option (there's a glitch in the camera/lens) looks much less easy to resolve. One big positive that's already come out of this thread is that there seems to be no earthly reason why I shouldn't be able to photograph something more than 10 metres away with my current SL gear. That's a huge relief! Thanks for your time.
  7. "Never observed any of these issues you have described with Summicron 50SL or any other lens I own. Focus (AF-S) is always spot-on regardless of spot or field which I select based on the nature of the photo I am taking. And I am talking of a couple of thousands of landscape photos I have shot. Sounds either like an issue with the cam or lens itself or, sorry, a user error". Thanks hofo - a user error is not unlikely! If your lockdown Indian Summer gallery's anything to go by I must be doing something seriously wrong! I guess it's possible there's something amiss with the camera &/v lens because I've never found the autofocus to be spot-on. In my EVF the magnification always looks 'soggy', and only snaps into a clean, sharp focus when I adjust the focus ring (a little). Maybe I should speak to my suppliers. Anyway, many thanks. Nice work by the way
  8. Is there a way of acquiring a reliably sharp focus on an ‘unheroic’ landscape subject more than (say) 10 metres away with the SL2 + APO Summicron 50mm? Basically, I’ve found that AFs doesn’t work as I think it should when my subject has a complex, broken-up surface - so winter trees, brambles, hedges and bushes, reeds … etc. (I usually photograph across water/fields in the hour or two after sunrise; I might add that I rarely shoot when there is appreciable cloud cover - although I’m not averse to a certain amount of morning mist or haze). On the odd occasion when I do get a green light (‘+’ Spot or ‘[ ]’ Field) the success seems inexplicable. There again, experience has taught me not to get too excited (front focusing problems anyone?), as - even within my ‘sweet’ 10 metre radius - 99% of the time the camera’s autofocus is way too soft. Naturally I try to hone in with manual focus, but, beyond 10 metres, Magnification (that anyway I’ve discovered is quite awful beyond the first click of the thumb wheel!) delivers a sort of grainy mush. (I had a brainwave and tried Focus Peaking, but of course there’s no hope of sharpening anything by using that to guide the focus ring … doh). Is the APO Summicron 75mm focus more reliable over 10 metres? I mean, is the only answer to get a telephoto?
  9. S Typ 006 Summarit S 70mm Sitting in my coracle on the river: shadow on the roof of a bridge
  10. Sunlight and shadow on an alder tree, River Yare. S 006 Summarit S 70mm
  11. Gt Yarmouth to Norwich crossing the River Yare above Eaton Common S 006 Summarit 70mm 1/250 f9.5 ISO400 Norfolk (Earth, air, sun, and water) S 006 Summarit 70mm 1/1500 f9.5 ISO400
  12. Floating Silhouette of me in my coracle (small boat) on the roof of a road bridge S Typ006 70mm
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